Zinchenko was brought to tears talking about his country 🥺🇺🇦

Zinchenko was brought to tears talking about his country 🥺🇺🇦

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  1. His assist on Rodri's goal helped ensure City's title in match 38. Very good LB. Wish Ukraina to qualify for world cup for what that country's gone through because of Putin's actions. Ukrainians deserve something to cheer for next November. Hopefully the war is long over by then.

  2. Give our man a Oscar for acting,great performance.He should move to Hollywood he is a whining little b….,he would fit in nicely there.

  3. such a shame what the Khazarian mafia have done to Ukraine. so many good people suffering and so many people worldwide supporting neo nazism

  4. We need Almahdi to appear to solve all world problems
    Nowadays Cristian people are looking for peace, Muslim also looking, there in Bangladesh 🇧🇩 also another religion that suffering from war, all people now suffer from war.
    We want peace, the day that Almahdi and jesus both of them appear to help all countries and nations
    Please Pray for Almahdi and Jesus to appear fast and help all of us to become all the world one nation no body hit another all loves each others, respect in deep honestly

  5. Stop critizing his reaction
    His reaction has nothing political but is only emotionnal from the what is happening to his people.
    I would clearly react the same way as him if my country was under attack

  6. The title should be

    "Zinchenko brought to tears when a camera enters the room"

    The guys a wuss….learn bow to cradle cradle rifle and live in the trenches with your brothers instead of whinging on TV all the time….he is pissing me off now

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