You’re thinking a lot! – Craig Burley to Steve Nicol post-UCL final 🤔 | ESPN FC

Craig Burley, Ale Moreno and Steve NIcol are on ESPN FC to try to assess Liverpool’s downfall in the Champions League final against Real Madrid.
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  1. A Goalkeeper is part of the team, I don’t know why people put teams to shame for surviving thanks to their goalkeeper. Nobody complains when they win thanks to a Benzema hAt trick but have a problem when the keeper does it all🤦🏾‍♂️

  2. Carvajal and Nacho defend lile beasts but Luis Enrique still sends to the National team Barca B players instead of the 5 times UCL winners.

  3. sore losers always excuses. Madrid defended better, beat better teams to get to final and deserved a win. Liverpool cant moan as they also got dominated by Inter Milan both games yet won so thats football

  4. The only world class save made by courtois was of mane. Any top clubs keeper would save rest of those shots with ease. Maybe the one Salah got in the last minutes was also good. Any others shots weren't any decent chance at goal and as they sent it over to the moon.

  5. Stevie acts like the Goalkeeper isn't part of the team, lol it's his job to block all opponents shots….so what's the problem Salty Stevie ? should RM play without a goalkeeper so Liverpool can win? lol

  6. Just Simply Overrated pundit.. has no Respect to RM…"No Chance RM gonna win this"🤡….and now 3 top team of the EPL have been destroyed by RM..Statistic and way of playing can't win trophies..nothing but Goal and defence did it..

  7. "they didn't defend well,goal keeper saved them"…well, u know goal keeper is the last line of defence .and he is also a part of 11 side man… Liverpool lost to the Real Madrid team.. don't think much.Liverpool is not not from another world ..they are as good as Man City. Like Man City also lost to Real . what's the big deal with defeat of Liverpool.i think these english football pundit can't digest the the fact that the top EPL teams one after another lost against RM .They just couldn't digest this.Bcz it goes against their "EPL is the best league" well established propaganda.Well perhaps EPL is most competitive in nature ..but that doesn't mean that EPL teams can't be defeated.

  8. Real Madrid had a game plan and executed it. Defend that goal like your life depends on it and when your one chance comes, you take it. To my recollection they had 2 clear chances and both times the ball ended up in the back of the net. I'm a Liverpool fan and after the match I can't believe we lost but on Saturday it seemed to me that we lacked that one player to unlock their defence and create clear, unobstructed chances. That didn't happen. Hate to say it but a Coutinho type up the centre, turning and attacking that box might have worked and much as I adore Fermino, he just isn't the player he was and whether thru injury or lack of match fitness, he was never going to come on in that match after 70 odd minutes and turn that defence. Did the better team win on the night? You have to admit probably yes,because they did what they had to do for the full 95 minutes. Classic, old style Italian football, absolutely, but their name is on the cup. Harsh but true. Would I pay money to watch that, no. Would I say they're the best team in Europe, no. Were they lucky throughout the competition, yes. But you have to admit they played to their strengths and stopped us from doing the same.

  9. Steve Nicol should just shut it. His great Liverpool team couldn't score even once in 3 finals this year and were lucky to beat Chelsea twice on penalties. Madrid took out PSG, Chelsea and Man City en route to the finals whilst Liverpool played the likes of Villarreal and Benfica who clearly wr not at the same level. As Ancelloti said, beating Chelsea was much tougher than getting past Liverpool!

  10. Liverpool was absolute and utter rubbish. SPEND FORCE. They have one great chance to come back ,but the egoistic Salah shot instead to square the ball to onrushing Mane ,who himself is absolute and utter rubish for two seasons in row. Its absolute failure, because this Real team is nothing more than mediocre.

  11. Liverpool couldn't score and Real defended well enough. That's why LFC lost. Stevie's biased love for Liverpool lowered his already low IQ even further down.

  12. Stevie is underestimating Liverpool players and their brilliant attacking ability. They managed to conjure up great goal attempts where most others would have failed. Madrid did defend well. It's a testament to their great defending and goalkeeping that Liverpool failed to score.

  13. Most of the shots of Liverpool were terrible, the var helped as Benzema goal was legit. We are a team of socios , without the money of states or corporations as we still the best in Europe

  14. I continue my message not only Cr7,Modric,Benzema but at least 9 of players could be winners of Balon d or in this club that way is so easy be hero in football and world when you play in this club.

  15. there was a ex liverpool player on tv that said Real Madrid had no chance.
    english supremacism is tought in schools all.over uk and they grow up to beleive england never lost a battle or never comited a crime

  16. when english win is because their hard work
    when brithis lose the fault is of the refere, the grass, bad luck or they still the winners after losing.

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