Will Yunus Musah fulfil his potential? ‘He needs to find the final pass!’ | Futbol Americas

Sebastian Salazar and Herculez Gomez discuss Yunus Musah’s performances after Herc tweeted that he is just a poor man’s Darlington Nagbe. The guys analyze what Musah needs to do to hit his potential, with Gregg Berhalter saying he has a huge ceiling.

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  1. If you watch any of the last lets say 5-6 usmnt team games, Musah has been a beast, I love his vision and he's only going to get better. This is what happens when you let Herc around them edibles late at night.

  2. Valencia is not a final destination in world football, he's not gonna fulfill his potential there even if he becomes a star for them. If he becomes that good, he will be OBLIGATED to move and prove himself at a bigger club with higher standards. Only then we will be able see how much potential he really has.

  3. Age does matter. If we had somebody older who could shuttle the ball AND provide the final pass AND be creative, they'd be playing ahead of Musah.

    Right now he's one of the best we have, and yes, we're all hoping he is even better when he's 22 compared to now. And then we want him to be his absolute best self at an even higher level when he's 27 and in his prime. I think our whole crop of kids will be more polished and more effective in another 3-5 years. None of them have hit their ceiling yet.

  4. That’s a bad take. Yunas is the line breaker, and clearly best player on usmnt at this moment. Pulisic, needs to step up and do better against better quality teams. He only scores against inferior teams.

  5. Poor man's indicates that he is inferior to the original. Musah is much better than Nagbe and so, I would offer that he is an upgraded model. They share the ability to dribble out of trouble and advance the ball…but need to look up and deliver a good ball once they get to into that final 1/3. The point is that Nagbe is doing it against Columbus, whereas Musah is doing it against Barcelona and Real Madrid.

  6. Yunus Musah has more technique in his left nut than Darlington ever had he's a raw young prospect Herc I agree with Herc on almost everything but this much but he's wrong not because of the hate on twitter but because Yunus Musah is one of the only bright spots for Valencia and Darlington is an old Mercenary not to mention Yunus is almost 15 years his Junior so no he's not worse than Nagbe and he will actually be better once he's developed

  7. I wonder why he price so much Marcelo Flores that never play in the premier same age as Musah and trash Musah that plays in La Liga, and Nagbe play in MLS can’t compare it’s because mostly of his followers are Mexican, and Hercules was average low player, third option for USA

  8. The gut went to my secondary school in England called eastbury I played football with him in the playground if you Americans are doubting is abilities the you have another thing coming

  9. Nagbe is underrated. The MLS stans resent him because he's better than their favorite players and opted out of the national team, the Eurosnobs overlook him because he's in the USA.

  10. Nagbe has won MLS Cups with 3 teams. THREE TEAMS!! You can't call him a 'luxury player'. He contributes to strong possession play. He covers a ton of ground to do this. I do agree he and Musah share some qualities. But Musah is a more willing attacking passer, imo.

  11. Interesting and to be fair not an unfair statement. Not sure why everyone lost their minds over it. Fantastic thing is you are comparing Nagbe to a 19 year old who has a much much higher ceiling. To me it's a compliment and the final product will be developed.

  12. I agree, that’s actually a good comparison.
    Also, his age can’t be an excuse to why he’s not performing for the national team. Either call him to youth national teams or call someone who is closer to their peak. The senior national team isn’t supposed to be where you develop

  13. its one thing to suggest he has the same issue as darlington its an entirely different one to suggest that hes a worse player than darlington which is obviously ridiculous.

  14. This dude is going to be class. I know many people dislike Real Madrid. For me the sport of football is better when RM is in the conversation. Much like other big clubs having pull to get best players and stay at the top. I hate to see situations like AC Milan falling out of power, Manchester United also on the downturn. Its bad for the sport. So for me we need those big clubs to be great and in tip top competing form.

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