Why would you keep Romelu Lukaku if he doesn’t want to be there? 🧐

Why would you keep Romelu Lukaku if he doesn’t want to be there? 🧐
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  1. I think he likes Chelsea and did wanted to come back , and every footballer rates themselves high but he shines better in a league like Italian or other league , the premier league is hard to score lol , there are levels to this ,

  2. Lukaku is an average player , get it through your mind already , he has never been the player of the situation , if a player doesn’t deliver when it matters ,there is nothing special about them.
    I will take him anytime of the week over Grealish though .

  3. The thing is Lukaku thought after two good seasons in Serie A, he was good enough to play for a team that just won the UCL and is competing for the top trophies. But once he joined Chelsea, he realized that he still isn't good enough to cut it at this level. Chelsea gave him a second shot at being a top striker in the PL after failing at United and Lukaku just showed that he still isn't good enough. Doesn't mean he is a bad player, it just means he isn't quite good enough to play for the top sides.

  4. OK let's say u buy a house for 100k an u have a kid a year later so u realise u need another bedroom.. U list the house on the market but the only offer u get is for 20% of the value… Are u gona sell or are u just going to try an get the best out of what u have till u can get a more sensible offer.

  5. This is why Liverpool are successful under Klopp. They buy players like Luis Diaz who fit the way they play . Chelsea signed this player for 100 million. . I don’t even think the manager signed him it was someone with a suit in the directors box. Then they realise he’s playing in a system that does not suit his style …

  6. lool… after close to 100Million paid, and you wonder why you'd want to keep him? The onus should be on the player to rise up to the challenge for which he was purchased. Chelsea don't owe him a way out

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