Why Was Neymar's Private Jet Forced To Make An Emergency Landing?

Neymar took to social media to reassure fans that no harm was caused after his private jet was forced into an emergency landing following technical issues. Meanwhile, Nasser Al Khelaifi has been discussing PSG’s new sporting project.

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Rüdiger’s Reaction To FC Barcelona Interest, Kroos Refuses To Extend Real Madrid Contract: https://bit.ly/3zUPEKp


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  1. Some times I don't get what PSG and fans expect from Neymar. Since he has arrived, 2017-2020 he has been really good statistically as well despite injuries. UCL FINAL. Then the last 2 years he had more matches missed due to injury but made a solid come back, he scored a hat trick his year after comming back from his injury.

  2. Please leave Neymar alone, I have issue with his current style of playing but this video is embarrassing, worst video since knew you guys

  3. It’s a little bit of an idiotic idea to get a manager and assistant of such low class. Well not low but not high either, players won’t respect them as much as they would zidane mourinho etc

  4. PSG already improved a lot. Where did they always end with Ibrahimovic in UCL? With Neymar and Mbappe they reached to UCL final first time in their history. But no one will acknowledge that because they already created the mindset to the fans that we are here to win the UCL. Sacking Tuchel was their BIGGEST mistake.

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