Why I turned down Manchester United? Frenkie De Jong Interview

Full Interview on ESPN – https://www.espn.co.uk/football/soccer-transfers/story/4677944/frenkie-de-jong-on-manchester-united-interest-id-prefer-to-stay-at-barcelona

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  1. This is what De Jong said: "I have perfect teeth and if I move to United, I am sure Maguire will break my teeth right way. Don't believe me?, Ask Ronaldo. Poor guy.
    BTW, I don't know if Pogba is still alive after Maguire kung-fu lesson on him that cut his ears and neck. No way I go to that club. And honestly, playing CONFEDERATION CUP next season, it is not so much attractive. I know I am losing the great Maguire's defending lessons, but anyway".

    That's it, you have it there.

  2. Okay great, let's move on, Barcelona didn't win their league or champions league so De Jong isn't an instant ticket to success, let's go for Bissouma and Ruben Neves… Or the equivalent

  3. He must have all the information that he needs about how is the club how are the people inside the club and the dressing room..Especially ATTITUDE..He learned from VDB situation there..moved in but never played without some crystal explanation to him seem like Unfair.

  4. Terry I'm totally fed up with the De Jong transfer all ready and I wish we would just move on as he's made it clear that he's not interested in Utd.

  5. It’s down to Barcelona, if they wanna keep him or sell him . If they have to sell he will definitely leave but to where ? Hopefully Man Utd 🤞🏽

  6. Why do Man Utd insist on signing players that don't wanna join them I don't get it! They are Man Utd ffs! If they don't want to join you move on, no wonder many of their players don't perform there, because perhaps they didn't want to play for them in the 1st place.

  7. Man United begging for a play who doesnt want to join, after all the fans were saying you didnt want "big signings" lol. As a rival, i hope you get him and pay £70m, cos thats half your budget, meaning you'll probably only get another two in, which means another 6th place season.

  8. Maybe Players say what they're expected to say most of the times, but with Frenkie i have no doubt he actually wants to stay and succeed in Barca. Barca has been his dream from long before he came here, so much of it can be seen from his and his partner's Instagram.
    Even though I still believe the board may force him out. If it does happen it'll be one the saddest day as a Barca fan, not just cause we sold one the potential best, but also because we are letting go of someone who actually wants to be here and has dreamt to be here.

  9. its quite simple, he doesn't want to leave barca (for anyone)…. but ETH and utd have been in contact and he would be willing to join IF and only IF he forced out by barca. at this point in time barca are trying some jiggery pokery to make the book balance before June to keep players and sign other players. de Jong hasn't heard for certain from barca yet that they definitely are selling him. so as of now de Jong is a barca player and hasn't heard different but if barca reach the point where there's no option utd are front of queue or near for him.

    that's it, it's not that complicated. utd shud set their date and meanwhile be looking at other options.

  10. On the basis he's rejected us. We need to walk away and buy other players rather than wasting time on this. I thought that we've moved on from chasing players that Don't want to be here.

  11. 95% done😂
    honestly, I hate the transfer window and all it's rumors.. i wish I could close my eyes and banggg the the window is closed and you have your targets.

    I know there are other people (like Terry) who enjoy the transfer window, but am 💯 percent not one of them.

  12. O.K. I get why doesn't want to destroy his career, but who is Barcelona going to sell and who is going to buy them? If Barca doesn't sell someone big for a large amount of cash, and still buy this summer then it is all rigged.

  13. Barca will sell Pique before they sell De Jong. The president wants him, Xavi wants him, and de Jong only wants Barca. United fans, you can’t force a guy to play for you 😂

  14. Terry we suffer the same problem with Man United and Arsenal. Owners quell the masses of fans with PR lies although they know certain players were never coming to the club nor had any intentions example is Dusan who wanted be with only Juventus. Frenkie de jong likes Arsenal and Barcelona but Arsenal as football club have no ambition to maintain or excel this mighty club success. We are in serious trouble same goes for Man United, we both have terrible owners that are literally destroying the standards and excellence of these two beautiful english clubs, which is celebrated around the globe. These American owners do not understand, do not like nor want success or care for these football clubs they are driven by greed and I blame the fans for allowing this to happen🤌🏾 #KRONKEOUT

  15. I've watched and read about the entire interview, Terry. He hasn't said he's not interested in joining Man Utd at all, more likely just confirming the current status of things happening around him. We're still in the race, but unfortunately our chances have got slimmer thanks to the new financial deals Laporta has lined up and now the decision lies even more with FDJ and not Barca to decide if he wants to come or not…
    That being said, what you mentioned earlier about the Catalonia sources, I have a feeling they were tapped by Laporta in order to make sure their biggest asset had a guaranteed buyer, just in case they needed to take advantage of it and use the funds to alleviate the financial pressure on them…a means to an end of the sorts lol

  16. Ben Jacobs is speculating again 🤔no concrete facts just because Ten Hag is Dutch and a former coach to Frenkie every journo is linking him lol……Welcome to silly season😂where 90% of rumours are total BS.
    As for the transfer he would be a excellent signing for Utd 👍

  17. Its a sad moment ,and a very sobering one, when we have to "convince" players to come play for us. United have fallen very low in the past decade. A ton of players have flat out refused to play for us ,and all we can do about it is offer them insane wages. Wages that harm our club and our dressing room.
    We should never go for these players. We should never have to offer 200k+ a week to a mediocre player, just so that he signs for us. But we did and we will keep on offering players embarrassing amounts of cash, in order to play for this embarrassing collective of mercenaries that wear our badge though they are unfit to do so.

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