Why didn't Gareth Bale celebrate with Real Madrid after UCL win? | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC crew debate why it seemed Gareth Bale did not celebrate with Real Madrid after their Champions League win.
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  1. Hapless Real Madrid team. Just got fortuitous with UCL🏆 this season. Real Madrid have spoiled the careers of beautiful players like Isco, Marco asensio, dani ceballos, Eden hazard and Gareth bale Etc. Superstar players being on the fringes for the last few years now, good thing for these players his they get fatty pay check at the cost of their own playing careers

  2. Media will always be the biggest threat to any foreign player from any club, no matter how many trophies they have won…
    Huge salute to Bale for being one of the most successful Great Britain player in Spain even when he was occasionally on gunpoint by the local press…

  3. Who is this IDIOT presenting this? Scored one of the best goals In the copa del Ray final against Barcelona. Scored one of the best goals In the champions league final against Liverpool. 5 times champions league winner. 3 la liga's. Yeah but he could've done more🤬 A bunch of 🤡🤡🤡

  4. Please lets leave Gareth Bale alone, he's such an easy target, it is this mindset that made him endure the Spanish press for so long, the man is a legend!!! End of story!! Highly influential in his prime, while it is easy to criticize him, let us not forget what he did for us. Let us move on!!

  5. Part of the Real Madrid legacy that's allowed for this Champions League reign in the last ten years IS Gareth Bale's legacy started in 2013. Also the title is misleading because he did celebrate or at least do the parading with the team just as the third string keeper did. This would be a topic if he didn't celebrate as well (like after the La Liga title). Hopefully he's sorry for his injuries if it makes the lot feel better.

  6. Anyone who thinks Bale did not have a great career at Real Madrid clearly didn't watch him play there between 2013-2018. So many clutch moments including 2 game winning CL goals and the run against Barcelona to win the Copa in 2014 was incredible to watch live. Personally I think he should have been playing RW for Real all year when healthy and is a much better option than Rodrygo and Asensio. Carlo's decision to put Valverde in there though was just clutch though.

  7. if i was Bale i wouldn't celebrate neither.. why should he?? he didn't play a part .. not even in the league.. He been there and done that already .. him use to winnings.. because as you can see.. the man is a humble guy

  8. Gareth bale is still part of the Real Madrid club and he has won the UCL 5 times…didn't he attend the club's training? why do people hate other people?

  9. Another overrated player. He had 1 good season at RM. Reason no one can list his stats. Because they are terrible. But let us hear how he "covered every blade of grass", and is a "team player". Let us also hear that "stats don't matter". 😄😄😄😄😄.

  10. A brilliant footballer, an introverted and shy Welshman … unlucky to have a greedy big mou-th-ed agent in a foreign country with the malicious Madrid sport´s press tabl-oid Marca … What remains: 5 CL, many amazing goals and assists in the memory of RM fans, and loved by many. Gareth Bale is a Real Madrid legend; and the most laureated British player of all time. Gracias, Gareth y suerte en tus nuevos proyectos!

  11. Marcelo has been exceptional in spite not always playing since 2018. Bale has been the exact opposite, always putting up bad attitudes. Anyway, Real Madrid has given him a farewell season with La Liga & UCL titles, big pay & bonuses, in spite of his attitude. Bye to Bale, let's move on.

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