Where will everyone sleep during the Qatar World Cup?

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With the beginning of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar looming nearer every day, those that intend to attend will be looking for accommodation.

But as a recent investigation by the Associated Press news agency revealed, there are not nearly enough hotel rooms to accommodate everyone at the tournament.

So where will they stay? David Goldblatt explains the current situation, Marco Bevilacqua illustrates.

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  1. The amount of tourists attending the world cup will be higher than the population of Qatar.. and before getting to host the 2022 world cup, Qatar had only one major stadium that too needed renovating.. that says all..

  2. Should never have been hosted in Qatar, all of this should have been thought about well before the decision was made to allow them to bid.

    It is not an appropriate place for a tournement of this magnitude, unless the infrastructure was already in place, or could easily be upgraded.

    Winter world cup as well….what were they thinking??

  3. Russia was one thing but this is ridiculous, at least Russia has the infrastructure. This is clearly the one that should have been in England.

  4. I'm hoping I could go to the WC. Still not sure. I see a lot of things advertised regarding staying in a neighbouring country and then travelling in

  5. Just think everyone, in an alternate universe where Fifa didn't accept the Qatari and Russian bribes, the World Cup would be being held in the UK within the next few weeks. Ahhhh… What a lovely thought, smile for the alternate reality people 🙂

  6. I went to Korea/Japan on 02 and Germany in 06, but South Africa was too far, Brazil was too expensive, and Russia, was, well, Russia, never going to happen. This one is hopefully the last of the Blatter WCs, not that the current scum in FIFA are any better, but at least 2026 will be able to take care of fans.

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