Where will Carlo Ancelotti rank in history if Real Madrid beat Liverpool? | ESPN FC Extra Time

On this edition of ESPN FC Extra Time, the crew discuss:

0:00 Intro
0:26 If Liverpool win, will Klopp be regarded as the best manager in club history?
2:50 If Ancelotti wins, where will he rank in history?
5:06 What are some things you did before a big game?
11:02 Did Ale ever consider becoming a manager like Stevie?
12:42 Which current striker would be the hardest to defend?
15:00 Favorite Star Wars movie?

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  1. A lot of what managers do is behind closed doors. It's really tough to gauge how much they influence players and teams. What's the best way to rate them? Win/Loss record? Trophies? Maybe there should be more stats and metrics to evaluate coaching/managing performance.

  2. Real Madrid has been scrapping through strong teams. they dont look convincing.
    My guess is their luck will finally run out against a machine like Klopp's LVP

  3. He would have most UCLs and only manager to have won all of the top 5 leagues. I think it is fair to say he is up there with very best of all time

  4. Doesn't matter what happens today . Overall he is the greatest manager of all time followed by sir Alex Ferguson and the special one Jose Mourinho

  5. This channel just does not want to admit the magnitude of Madrid. They are not a regular team. The pressure to play for Madrid is massive and most players can not play easily including EPL stars like Hazard. Liverpool has a chance of corse. Good players but biggest star of Liverpool is the coach. Good luck to both teams. ESPN FC really disrespecting Madrid constantly by undermining them.

  6. Has Paisley, Dalglish or Shankly ever finished a season with 90+ points? Just wondering how their win percentage stacks up against Klopp.

  7. Pep must prove at small Club
    Ancelotti fails at Everton
    Pep only wins with great players
    Ancelotti succeeds at Real
    Pep is Fraud,Ancelotti is Great 😂

  8. The dude was handed that team. He didn't build that team. Handed a team with an extreme amount of experience. Benzema carried that team all year.

  9. Pep should have won atleast 3 UCL with Mancity. He had the best team for last 5 years. I bet if he won it next year all will say him as GOAT manager and forget that he failed for 5 seasons before.

  10. Stop trying to turn football into basketball ESPN here there are no “all time” debates because eras are different, stop the comparison and the useless ranking.

  11. Carlo Ancelotti is certainly a great manager but I wouldn't rank him as one of the G.O.A.T's. He was there at AC Milan for 7.5 years yet only managed to win the Serie A once despite having arguably one of the best Milan team's ever at his disposal. Failed to win the league in his previous stint at Real Madrid from 2013-15 despite Barcelona not being as good as they were previously under Pep and Tito. Out of the 11 full seasons he's coached in Serie A, he's managed to win the league only once despite always being at one of the top clubs who are expected to win the league. He wasn't able to do much at Everton either. He isn't tactically that astute and neither does his teams have a memorable and definitive style of play. He is a however a great man-manager and his record in the Champions League is exceptional…

  12. Is anyone else disgusted that the two finalists in UEFAs flagship competition both tried to kill both the competition and competition in general without sanction and recently and one hasn't even had the decency to apologize?

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