When Rupert Murdoch tried to buy Manchester United

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Manchester United are not strangers to controversial takeover attempts. But perhaps none is more controversial than when Rupert Murdoch, very nearly, bought the Red Devils.

This is the story of that proposed takeover, the events leading up to it, how an intervention by the Monopoly and Mergers Commission ended the deal and how it set a precedence for football club ownership in the future.

Written by Seb Stafford-Bloor, illustrated by Marco Bevilacqua.

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  1. I'm at the point where I constantly asked myself, "why do I rooting for ManUtd? Not living in Manchester, the management is stupid, do not produce good football since Fergie leaving. All my favourite player either becoming stupid, dumped or simply disliked."

  2. Not so fun fact, since his arrival in the UK media Rupert Murdoch’s publications have backed every single winning election campaign.

  3. I would take Rupert Murdoch over the Glazers any day. Manchester United would have become way more successful under Murdoch because of his aggressive and success driven nature compared to the Glazers. If he had failed to make it successful, at least he would have agreed to sell it to another competent owner unlike the Glazers.

  4. I'm so glad this scumbag doesn't own a team. He is personally responsible for poisoning the minds of millions of news watchers.

  5. Damn, tifo getting paid by michael knighton and consortium to do their hit pieces to bring down man united shares.. mainstream Youtuber is starting to run with the piece, that the glazers are really trying to sell man united..

  6. You all complain about a self made western billionaire bidding for a club but are the first to cheer in the streets when an outdated bigoted dictatorship that ignores basic human rights buys teams

  7. It was soo f**king wrong back then when Murdoch was aiming to purchase United (given the fact that his News International published The Times and The Sun, not forgetting he had shares in BSkyB) that I remember thinking back then about impartiality and how could his publications could even be objective when discussing Manchester United given the obvious conflict of interest (its bad enough at the time they were/are media darlings having two publications potentially waxing lyrical about them would have been a nightmare).

  8. The British government blocked this but allows City and Newcastle to be state owned clubs? Seems fishy to me.

  9. There’s an excellent documentary on BBC about this which goes into more detail and shows footage of the events discussed here.

    It’s called Fever Pitch: Rise of the Premier League.

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