What’s next for Real Madrid’s younger generation?! 🏆 | LaLiga Centro | ESPN FC

Gemma Soler joins ESPN FC’s LaLiga Centro to talk about Real Madrid once again winning the Champions League. #ESPNFC …



  1. Gemma could have handled this, no need for the casual Alexis.

    As for Madrid, apart from Gutierrez, there's not much to come from within the system. They have bought youth elsewhere smartly though. That may be Carlo's one flaw

  2. this real madrid team knows how to suffer. they suffer through these games and they know how to stay on top mentally. other teams would crumble under the situations they were put in. these younger, and older players in this squad are the real
    gangsters in football today and they’re not going anywhere

  3. Continue the legacy left behind. That’s what I told everyone, Madrid needed to win this final so the new generation can learn and know how you win a final so that when the old heads leave the new guys have that pedigree

  4. whenever you use the word 'better' for a team against another what do you mean?
    if its number of goals scored ,great names of players in a squad and managers or looking at one league as more competitive to the others then you are dead wrong and alot of people make that mistake. Everyone thinks that teams like bayern,Liverpool, psg and City are favourites just because they score more goals,but to truly know a 'better' team you need to analyse what you can't put numbers on like team unity or chemistry, experience,grit, mentality, and being able to put a good strategy together consistently for each match,if you really follow madrid as a team you would know that they have these things in abundance. My question now is that of what importance is scoring low class teams 8 plus goals only to be knocked out consistently by teams on the same level as you? that is not what champions are made of.

  5. There are risks in every game and you just have to choose your preferred risk.

    This season, Real Madrid wasn't feared because they didn't have CR7-era attack and squad. But their opponent's statistics and honestly lots of BS talk always makes the opponents and pundits think RMadrid is the weaker side. You believe you are the favorite against Marid in UCL at your own peril because this season's Madrid actually makes you think so.

    In the game, you waste your fire power, and they absorb your fire power (a risk they know how to take because they know how to suffer).

    And then they kill you when you least expect it because they know how to pick the moments. That's what makes their opponent's defeat feel so painful for them.

    And it's funny how shocked and hurting losers keep saying Madrid didn't play well and wasn't the best team this season. Who plays well every moment, every game, all season?

    Real Madrid is the best team. They know when and how to play well in a game, and in a season. Business is done. LOSERS WILL KEEP ON CRYING.

    Hala Madrid!!

  6. Real Madrid have Vini, Rodrygo, Camavinga, Valverde and maybe Tchoumeni.
    Barca have Pedri, Gavi, Araujo, Pablo Torre and Fati.
    The rivalry looks promising in the future.

  7. The new players of madrid came from french national team like camavinga, the brazil rodrygo, tobias and vini. Then in fc bayern alaba, then germany toni rudinger, then hopefully get gnabry from fcbayern in germany then get fran garcia and lastly the strong right back in europe is James reece from chelsea

  8. They need to groom young players like a modric, casemiro, carvajal, and nacho. Get talented young players that will replace the 2017 champions. Replace casemiro, kroos, asensio, vasquez, carvajal, benzema, mosdric, nacho. Well for hazard he should upgrade his game gradually. The captain of this team is modric, benzema or casemiro. Then vini will be the captain once the 2017 champs are not playing anymore

  9. I honestly believe kroos modric and casemiro can win another champions league trophy. I said it last year and i think they will do it again.

  10. What’s next for them ? Easy beat up Brokalona some more and atl madrid and win la liga they could win 3 more ucls like they did when Ronaldo was there

  11. People will one day learn not to underestimate Madrid, when people say they haven’t played well I say they’ve done just enough to win, barely getting out of second gear and only shifting gear when they conceded a goal or two, they literally scored every time they needed to.

    That speaks to the quality the team has overall. With the addition of Rudiger and Tchouameni and potentially Gnabry, with Vinicius, Camavinga, Rodrygo and Valverde a year more matured, I can see them defend their title again.

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