What's happening to football in Brazil?

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Brazil produces some of the best football players globally and has done for generations. So why is their domestic league so far behind the rest of the world?

Well, a small group of the biggest teams in the country are proposing a breakaway league. But is it the right course of action?

How has Brazilian football got itself into this mess? What can realistically be done to make domestic Brazilian football popular?

Written by Jack Lang, illustrated by Alice Devine.

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  1. people in the comments comparing this to the European Super League should read up on the history of the Premier League lol — Brazilian football deserves a much better league, I fully support the clubs taking over and getting rid of the federation's corruption, I already watch Libertadores often and it's super entertaining and sadly underrated here, I would love to be able to watch their clubs more often over here in Europe

  2. I saw some comments comparing LIBRA with the Super League and I can guarantee that the two initiatives couldn't be more different.The first seeks to free clubs from the incompetence, corruption and abuses of the CBF while trying to make the national championship more profitable and close the gap between the rich and poor teams in our country. The second is a league designed by big clubs to make money by screwing up the football ecosystem and hundreds of smaller clubs across Europe. As I said, they are two completely different things.

  3. Man I hope they succeed. With the insane amount of talent they have, I’d love for these talents to stick around longer and make a big impact to their domestic game!

  4. brazil is always the best and the soccerland.plse dont get the foottball ruins ..whatever it takes .plse dont try to rruuin brazilian⚽️

  5. It's so dishearteningly difficult to watch some local Brazilian football from across the globe. I hope this remedies that in the near future.

  6. Libra sounds very interesting. Whatever it takes to make the sport more sustainable and to give the fans a great product, I'm for it! I hope the Brazilians get something good from this breakaway league.

  7. they really need something like this. I always wondered why they were so poor domestically when football is huge over there. You'd think they would at least be financially stable but that's not the case. They're gonna need a lot of budgeting and management changes to pull them out of the third rate league they currently have set up. Until that happens forget trying to sell the league to worldwide viewers, not even other south American countries would want to broadcast them

  8. The Brasilerao should try to make a Champions League equivalent with Mexican, Argentine, and USA teams. I know there’s Libertadores, but expanding the marketing and games to the Stated would surely help get more attention and broadcasting to mainstream populations.

  9. When you think about the quality of football players coming from Brazil to Europe, it's insane that they've been finding incredible talents amidst the trouble in the domestic league. If this breakaway supports clubs, it can support players in those teams, giving world football even more quality players. It does depend on the teams being ready to rectify the mistakes of the previous league, though.

  10. The new ownership model for clubs (mentioned in the bit that said 'more corporate') hasn't worked well elsewhere such as in Portugal. It's not good to chase profit if it means hollowing out clubs the way Belenenses was

  11. I can't imagine Brazil getting much traction in Europe because we've already got big leagues to watch. Maybe it could get traction in other markets if viewed as a similar quality (maybe for example it could be the flagship for a specific channel who couldn't get La Liga or the Prem).
    Not that Brazilian football couldn't be as good as those leagues, I just highly doubt even that would be enough to be viewed as equally important as name recognition is just so big and they have no way to prove themselves as better (no one views the club world cup as a serious competition).

  12. The truth is South American leagues not just Brazil’s are behind those in Europe. European leagues have nearly a century of funding , marketing, and advertising over leagues in other continents. I don’t see the day any league outside of those in Europe get to reach the same level of recognition or popularity that European leagues get

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