What happened to the six-second rule?

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In football, goalkeepers have 6 seconds to get rid of the ball once it is in their hands. However, this rule is rarely enforced. Why?

Why was this rule brought in the first place? Have any goalkeepers been punished for holding on to the ball for too long?

Seb Stafford-Bloor explains, Alice Devine illustrates.

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  1. I think the huge potential penalty is the reason it's not being enforced. If the penalty was something like a free kick outside the box and a booking, it might actually see more use and consequently speed up the game significantly. Its more frequent use would then in turn act as a much bigger deterrent.

  2. I’m still bitter about the refs calling this foul on Mcleod at the Olympics. And then following it with a handball pen when they shot at someone protecting their stomach in the wall.

  3. Can you make avideo please about the trend that started about twenty years ago whereby any shot that becomes a goal is described as 'top corner'. Despite the ball being nowhere near the 'top corner'. As evidence, I submit this video about three minutes twelve seconds in.

  4. I wish they could implement pure time in the overtime. So if you have 3 minutes left, you have actual 3 minutes of football. The clock stops if the ball is out of play. Because now, once the clock hit 90min, everyone on the winning team suddenly have cramps or pain and there are substitute that takes ages, throw in that takes a full minute to complete. etc. and rarely more time are added once the time limit are set.

    I'm not saying pure time in the entire game, but the overtime is so short that time wasting there are insanly frustrating, even for the neutral fan.

  5. The back pass rule is so frustrating. It needs updating to include headers/chests/anything that’s quite clearly a player sending the ball to their keeper, or scrapping entirely

  6. The effect of this video 🤣

    If you type "mignolet…" in the search bar, the first thing that comes up is "…holds the ball for too long"

  7. Everytime I see GKs hold on to the ball for over 6 seconds I remember Migmolet and Liverpool got penalised for that and that was the only time I saw it! Strange things happened to Liverpool in the past.

  8. Me n my dad were just talking about this in our state refs are v.stricy with this one .. it's actually annoying to see the gk hold up the ball like for 10 secs in a pro game i mean rules r rules

  9. 03:05 hah in Sweden the average time a keeper holds the ball is probably 20 seconds! Was one keeper who did get punished for holding the ball for too long and that long ago, he held it for 30 seconds

  10. Football is abit of a puff/woman's sport now if we are being truly honest and we all know it takes them far longer than 6 seconds to do anything productive.

  11. I think the six second rule suffers a lot due to the enormous punishment there is for violating it. A free kick inside the box is just ridiculously unfair. I think the ball should just go to the opposition in their half and they should receive the "posession rights"

  12. My god I hated the 4 step rule! Playing in Sunday games now and being able to run around in the box is so liberating that I am way too excited to waste time. Did EFL go to 6 seconds in 98? We played Derby County and Leyton Orient youth while in England in 99. I was pretty sure it was still 4 steps, maybe no one told me the change and I just looked like an idiot… High school and College in the US late 90s early 00s was 4 step. we must have kept using that rule well past 98 here.

  13. The laws are never implemented

    The CL final the reg never added on any extra time for wasting time. Liverpool weren’t even allowed to take the final free kick.

  14. I don't really buy how it's no longer a rule. If we don't want to penalise players for holding onto the ball for 6 seconds, make it a ten second rule and enforce it. It's not like timewasting isn't an issue.

  15. Just like most other rules, they’re not enforced and the disappear. Remember when premier league players were supposed to be booked for every dive?

  16. Please, for the love of all that is good and holy, normalize your volume levels between the video and the end add-on about The Athletic. My ear drums can only take so much

  17. Wish they actually enforced this along with the back pass rule, which is really a “can’t pick up the ball with your hands if it was directly played to you via a teammate” rule

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