What happened in football this season?

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This is Tifo’s round-up of the European Football Season 2021/22.

With new champions in three of the top-five leagues, major surprises in Turkey and Italy, and some new ground broken in France, Seb Stafford-Bloor writes, illustrated by Philippe Fenner.

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  1. I thought Newcastle being the only PL team ever to survive from not having a win in their first 14 games would’ve been worthy of the video tbh

  2. I had to pause at the beginning of the video because I was confused by the map. For some reason there is no passage between the Agean Sea and the Black Sea. Also Sweden appears to be attached to Denmark.
    No biggie. Minor detail. I thought it was kinda funny. Like… F@ck you in particular Istanbul. AKA Constantinople! lol.

  3. What do you mean the biggest shock was the woman Lyon side beating barcalona to win the champion league?
    Lyon has won 6 champion leagues in the last 7 years

  4. Tifo clearly knows nothing about womens football, Lyon are the powerhouse. Just because Barca won in an absolute trash league, and I mean trash even for women football, let's not get political and simply be objective and admit that there is a very good reason why all female keepers would be firmly in the lame bracket in men's football, anyway I digress, just because you gave away free tickets to men's club members and their entire families to get 90,000 fans into Camp Nou so the woke brigade could continue their skewed coverage of their favourite little political subject, doesn't actually mean they are the best side, unless you know nothing about women football and then it might come as a surprise. Barca looked good in the final did they? Lyon didn't look like they had answers for everything. no? oh. Stop reporting on stuff you only report on to get woke points for a discount at the feeble of mind store.

  5. This season also showed how corrupt the knvb ( the dutch FA ) and Ajax are Ajax without the help of the knvb are literally nothing they're entire succes is build on lies and corruption

  6. Nothing about Feyenoord reaching the final only 1 year after getting a brand new coach (and ending 5th place previous season with horrible football) with exciting, attacking football and a very young team? That is definitely worth a video I think

  7. I can't help feeling sorry for USG. Top of the table after the 34 game home and away stage. Then some stupid system with play offs, losing half of those points and missing out on the title. Once you've played everyone home and away that should be enough to be declared champions.

  8. To outsiders it may seem a surprise, but as a rossonero I knew we have best chance to win it in a loooong time.
    Juve and inter lost their stars and couldn't replace well. We lost gigio but got even better Mike. Only team stopping us was Napoli who got oshimen injured. We didn't have best squad on paper but we had best squad on field. Forza Milan 🔴⚫

  9. 4:17 ROFL Tagalongs. No one cares! You dont either, that's why you shoved it at the end. Try making a full video of them, see how much views you can garner.

  10. The Belgian top flight is very odd. USG were 5 points clear after playing everyone twice which would be enough to win the league in neighbouring Germany and the Netherlands (all play a 34 game regular season). Then they go into play offs and end up losing it. Is this some sort of format drawn up to protect big clubs?

    EDIT: Also your points get halved then rounded up. It's ridiculous imo.

  11. I thought what is most interesting is that we have an American (Leeds) as a top league manager and an Australian (Australian) as a manager in Scotland

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