"We've lacked sharpness when attacking" | Gareth Southgate on England's draw with Italy

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Gareth Southgate reacts to England’s 0-0 draw with Italy, a result which leaves them bottom of their Nations League group.

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  1. I watched the game but it was so painful to watch frankly it was such a poor game but saying that the standard of football today is so crap it's unreal the chances both sides had were like chances you'd expect school kids to miss in the school playground can't say I'm looking forward to the WC frankly in November or the new season in general for that matter football just sends me asleep😴now

  2. "I lack any tactical intelligence and don't know how to use my squad adequately for any of our decent players to perform. I do not recognise or know how to utilize Trent Alexander Arnold's outstanding passing ability and don't consider Jordan Henderson good enough to captain the national team, so I will be sticking with Harry Kane who admittedly has never won anthing.
    I'm going to put my trust in Pickford as our goalkeeper even if he's lacking hight, has tiny arms and has been in a relegation fight all season. I will also play McGuire in as many games as possible in central defence even though he has no pace, the turning circle of a supertanker and his head's too big.
    I will also ignore the fans and tell them they're wrong and label them as ignorant racists so I can push the BLM/WOKE agenda and show how misguided/right on I am so they don't cancel me in the future.
    Thank you for your time, I'm off to drink a Soy Latte and do some knitting. Bye".

  3. This lad is not a good manager. He is like Ole at United. When you see rival countries fans happy to see him remain in the job it is not a good sign.

  4. Shock horror we lacked attacking sharpness….maybe something to do with we've been so focused on defending! Our left or right backs or wing backs don't get fwd cos they to busy protecting the lack of pace in defence with maguire, our midfielders seem under instruction to never really move up from our defence and our fwd players are all made to come back to the edge of our own area to defend, its so boring and rigid, there's absolutely no chemistry or flair, we have so much focus on keeping clean sheets and although we keep a few your still never really confident we'll keep teams out either! We chop and change to much, this was against basically a new Italy side, we only grind our way thru games!

  5. Ahhh just sack this soft guy already. I haven’t watched any England game since the Euros because I know they’re all going to be the same.

  6. With the squad england have they need to get ride of Southgate and get someone in who will play attacking football and don’t hire someone because there english

  7. We have lacked that for the last three matches. Although players missing sitter don't help. If we don't beat hungry at home then we are going down

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