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Frenkie de Jong has agreed terms on a move to #MUFC. He’s spoken to manager Erik ten Hag and former player Daley Blind (amongst others). United and Barca around 瞿18m apart at the moment re transfer fee. Midfielder agreed to move late last week. Required some persuading.

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  1. You almost got me there, lucky for me I usually reserve judgement until I've heard what someone has to say and I agree with you. There is way too much reactionary nonsense within a particular section of the Utd fanbase, and all I can say is grow the f*ck up and stop behaving like a child and engage your brain before you speak.

  2. Problem is transfers can take weeks or months and United didnt give ten hag anytime to actually get things rolling they left it all too late. They will panic but a big name to sell shirts and keep fans happy.

  3. Just incase you are confused by the amount of players that rejected "6th Chester United" this summer here is a list of them . Even though Terry clamis that "Man U are working on multiple big deals" (Joker)
    Nunez said no and went to LFC( Good man , he knows what time it is !!!)
    Adeeyami said no and went to Dortmund
    De Jong said no ( Unless Man U pay 80m plus and pay him at least 400k per week wages)
    Gravenberch said no and went to Bayern
    Nkuku said no (Even though Man U fans will say "but we didnt want him" lol)
    Vitinha said no
    Anthony is doubtful ( Ajax know Man U are desperate and wont sell for less than 70m)
    Timber said no (LVG told him not to waiste his talent)
    Ericksen said no( Again Man U fans will say "but we were not in for him)
    Personally i think Man U have about 120m to spend on players this summer but most of that will go on De Jong. The rest of the money has to be found from player sales but how the hell can you sell Maguire? Fred? Mctoilet? Martial? AWB? lol Man U are screw lol YNWA x6 UCL


  4. Terry, you honestly think we're going to make big moves in the TW? Not a fuckin chance after what we've seen so far mate. Glazers do not care and do not want to spend money. It's as simple as that. Fuck the banter – I could care less about rival fans bantering us – WE DID GET REJECTED and have been on the receiving end for window upon window upon window now. Anyone hyping up the possibility that we are actually going to get any of ETH's 1st choice signings in is straight up deluded.

  5. If these players do not want come to United then walk away and look at lower divisions. Now is the time to concentrate on developing the youth. Give Ten hag time to do this!!! He his supposed to good at developing so lets see how good he his as I said give him time. Suffer Mid Table for 2>3 years. So you commentators give IT A REST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Blame it on some of the tabloids and youtubers. Just link any players to united as news to gain viewership. The more hibes the social media create, the bigger the disappointment. Not all tabloids and youtube video is worth spending time on.

  7. Like I've said before all u net footy guys care about is teasing other fans so this is perfect ammo for the fools, he wants game time obviously just like Gabriel jesus who is leaving a better team get game time.

  8. BINARY opinion, not really honest about anything. De Jong as an example does not want to come to Man United, he may be forced to leave Barca but thats not what he wants. Just non stop bs with these opinions, lets be real> As an example, Mane wanted to leave Liverpool and he said ir, its simple when players want to leave they always say it whereas De Jong publicly on 2-3 occasions has said he wants to stay at Barca. BINARY OPINION AS ALWAYS

  9. Man U never heard the term "strike while the iron is hot". It's bad enough we want to sign a bunch of Ajax players, then can't close the deal. Then we attempt to go for a second best Ajax defender and the transfer fee skyrocketed, because they already sold many of their players.
    Ajax players aren't going to make us a top 3 EPL Team!!
    Wasting time on De jong being our first priority is costing us. Neivas and de Jong should be our two signings and they should have been completed on day 2.
    Too many channels hyping up total bs about who we're in for. We're in for players that haven't played at this level. A total disgrace to the club and supporters.

  10. When will you learn that we don't do transfers we suck at it nothing will change untill the glazers are gone simple as that we will sign one or two players for stupid money thst don't really change much why are we looking at forwards instead of midfielders and defenders.

  11. Terry, who do we think we are?We are a Crystal Palace of English football now and Ive followed Utd for 60 years through thick and thin. I accept this. Its going to take us years to get back to the Fergie era. In my opinion we need to start getting back to the Busby babe philosophy. Time will tell whether this will happen but please dont blame the fans.

  12. The golden goose is dying a slow and gradual death due malnourishment. Why? The Glazers only know how and when to collect the gooses eggs but have no idea at all that the goose to eat good food. They cant afford the good food, so they go bargaining when others have grabbed the good ones. Despicable farmer.

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