Wales vs. Ukraine Preview: Who will make the 2022 World Cup? | ESPN FC

Kay Murray, Mark Ogden, Craig Burley and Steve Nicol preview Sunday’s Path A Final match between Wales and Ukraine at 12p ET on ESPN+.

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  1. 'Wales are mediocre' lol

    Clearly hasn't watched them carefully

    Wales are unbeaten at home since November 2018 and have lost only two of their last 22 World Cup qualifying matches (W11 D9 L2).

  2. "Wales are mediocre " – what a comment! They've qualified for 3 tournaments in 6 years, got to the semi-final of one – deserve a little bit more respect than that!

  3. Congratulations Wales from Ghana…welcome to Qatar and it is great to have you guys back at a World Cup. I can't wait to see Gareth Bale and Aaron Ramsey both play at a World Cup. It is long overdue.

  4. The high pressure on Garrett bale to play well is exactly the same reason why wales won’t win. He is washed because if he wasn’t, he would have been playing the last year or so for real.

  5. ウクライナ勝ちましょう!

  6. I do not wish for England to lose to Iran. However, we should practice what we preach. Suddenly every millionaire football becomes an expert in human rights pointing fingers at other countries and ignoring what is in front of their noses.
    There is human rights abuse here in Britain, with some people's human rights regularly being violated, even though we are been fed regular false narratives. . Tell Southgate and his overpaid players to shut it.

  7. Tbh I hope Ukraine makes it to the World Cup, I’m all about Madrid but bale is just one person and Ukraine going to the World Cup in the middle of a war will go down in the history books. Even better if they advance far enough.

  8. It's a win-win situation. Wales wins and we can see Bale give it a final run and Ukraine wins and they have a chance to win the World Cup during travesty

  9. These Scots suppose to be our fellow celts but they sound so bitter because they lost and they call themselves pundits what a joke wales have many good players you don't get too 18th in the world if your Average

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