Unfortunately Italy is not back, we have a lot to work on and a long way to go – Del Piero | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC crew react to Argentina defeating Italy 3-0 in the 2022 La Finalissima.

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  1. This was the worst Italy in my life. They can be the Best and the worst in one day. It's life,as an Italian you get used to it.
    We will come back and upset all the haters again. But more Italian players in Serie A and less foreign players would help.
    Messi cane up against the weekest Italian defence in history, if there was Baresi, Nesta, Maldini, nit even one shot on goal. Only Maradona would have done it and even he lost to Italy in 82.

  2. I'm not sure if Mancini didn't really care about this match or not, but why the heck would you put Belotti, Bernadeschi, Pessina, Jorginho, and etc. in the starting lineup? Belotti and Bernadeschi are laughable, Jorginho has been playing awful right after the Euro cup, and Pessina hasn't been playing for Atalanta and did a terrible season. For f*** sake, you had Tonali, Pellegrini, Bastoni, Spinazzola, and etc.!!!! I like how people say Donnarumma was the man of the match. In reality, the first two goals could have been avoided if Donnarumma closed in Di Maria and ran out of the box (towards center) when Messi passed the ball to Lautaro. Look at the two goals that were allowed in the Euro with Spain and England. Instead of running towards Morata, he was going the opposite direction. Instead of positioning his body to the right pole, he left a huge gap when Shaw scored. He is really good from distance, but I see a huge problem with closing in the gap.

  3. Italy needs a new direction. The people coaching & picking these next gen, need to go because there are to many ex-gens among them.
    Argentina played very well. Good signs.

  4. This Argentina side is perhaps the best Messi has ever had finally a team that can play with him and for him, wherein previous team squads he was left alone to do all the attacking with no support, are they a perfect team no but they have team spirit and chemistry and that goes a long way in a tournament. Argentina should be feared by all team not only because Messi is happy but because he’s no longer the only threat at their disposal that teams can focus on, it’ll divert attention away from him and allow him to roam more freely against opponents

  5. What makes Argentina different these days is that while they know that Messi is their best player, they also seem to realize that he isn't their ONLY player. Oh and they figured out how to play defense too…

  6. Its beyond ridiculous that the European champions haven't qualified for the world cup… I'm surprised maldini is still in a job… it's totally unacceptable for Italy not to qualify for the world cup it's that simple and maldini should have been sacked on the spot

  7. There isn’t enough talent currently to compete with the big ones, I’m glad they are not playing in Qatar, it would have been another disaster.

  8. Mancini literally said this is just for the Euro players. He will change guard going forward. As simple as that. A trophy that was invented for Messi, he didn't wanna take seriously.

  9. Woeful Italia 😭 But we deserve everything that we get. I just hope there's big changes coming, especially with youth development. Also, we need more Italians in the premiere league

  10. what people don't understand is Messi ONLY went to PSG because he had no club team, (and without a club team, those who understand football will know)… won't be eligible for international participation without one,…PSG win the league by default (normally) so he doesn't care for the league…the world cup is coming up … Messi wants it…that's it…they are the facts…people who actually understand what is going on know this

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