Transfer Talk: Is Richarlison Real Madrid’s Kylian Mbappe alternative!? | Gab & Juls | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Don Hutchison joins Gab Marcotti on the Gab & Juls Show to discuss the latest transfer rumours in the footballing world.

0:00 Frenkie de Jong to Man United?
0:42 Romelu Lukaku to return to Inter Milan?
1:15 Richarlison to Real Madrid?

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  1. I hope real doesn't sing richarlison. He is can run but has no soccer brains, he mostly makes the wrong desicion out in the field.

  2. I truly don't understand the hype behind Richarlison…. he's never really impressed me and i think he contributed <15 goals last season. That's not gonna cut it in Madrid

  3. just because he's from Everton thats why that guy said he cant make real Madrid any better.. bet if it was a big name player.. his comment would havr been different. Richarlison is a power forward.. can kick and score with his head.. He'll be a good back up to the old Benz

  4. Going to Madrid is a career killer if you're not guaranteed a starting role. Jovic was excellent before joining, came and barely played, went out on loan and was excellent, came back and barely played. Even when Rodrygo gets a chance he scores almost every time and still can't break the starting 11

  5. Is still early, but the real deal is Endrick from Palmeiras. The guy is 15-16 years old and is unbelievable for his age. If he takes care of himself and his career, he'll be the next big thing. I just can't wait until he reaches 18 and see what he can do in the big stages.

  6. Madrid should sign a short term veteran striker for 2-3 seasons until haalands 150M clause kicks in. Everybody knows Madrid was his first option. Only problem was that he knew mbappe was coming. Anyway dont need richarlison, not a Madrid type of player.

  7. Nah he is too inconsistent, we need a more consistent player. Mbappe was it and if he keeps his head on his shoulders, is the future whether we like it or not. But that's not gonna happen anytime soon. I don't see many replacement options at Mbappe's level.

  8. Richarlison may make a good backup for Benz, but there is no replacement for mbappe. I feel Real madrid will pursue Gnabry. He natually slots in on the right and is a smart player.

  9. I would sad to see Richi go, but it would go a long way towards letting us have a transfer window at all! We need the money to sorta get outta FFP hot water

  10. Richarlson to Real Madrid? What utter nonsense, I wish they would show what sources they used so we can out them for the fake stories they are, they literally probably saw that Madrid want a forward, & that richarlson played for ancelotti, put two & two together, & you get your weekday news story

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