Three Lions Go Hungary | ESPN FC TV Podcast

The FC crew react to Hungary’s historic upset of England and question the penalty that led to the eventual winner. Plus, the guys recap Italy and Germany’s 1-1 draw and Sadio Mane’s future with Liverpool after the winger joked most Senegal fans want to see him leave Liverpool.

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  1. Kane was selfish, if he has squared it, they might have scored.Reece James gave away a " silly " penalty.Foden was definitely missed.

  2. Hungary and Denmark had amazing games to win against England & France respectively. Not a word about those teams tho. Typical ESPN FC.

  3. A somehow don't think theses players, r staying in every nite feeling sore & tired after a 12hr shift, we keep getting told they have the best masseuses, physio's, diets, welfare, etc etc, u have 365 days in a year, u play 70 games, 1 game a day, so u have 296 days of easy life, grow a set,

  4. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣ppl with the best league but their national team is a mess. I wander when England will win a trophy . English best league. But their national team is a mess. Didn't u guys saw from 2006 when Barca was the best team in the world how Spain was just beating countries took 2 European nation cup and 1 world cup. Now English is the best league . But their national team is no where to be found. That is because in English league the football that is play there is just running up and down. And nothing else. They don't even know when a match can be slow down . All they is running . That how real madrid was able to beat Liverpool bc English ppl their football is just running. They haven't got those midfielders that can read a game and say know let slow it down a beat so we can mk the other team temple to die down. England is going to be very difficult for England to win world cup. Their football is just running and running all the time. R u guys in a 100 meter race?

  5. Great, unbiased summary. 🙂 undeserved penalty for Hungary and I guess it is also undeserved that England did not get a penalty according to their world-ranking 🙂

    BTW Hungary had a huge chance to make it 2-0. I guess if that one would have gone in, it would be even more undeserved.

  6. England have lost 1 game and drawn 2 in the last 10 matches…someone explain to me what the big deal is! England just didn’t turn up, it’s football it happens.

  7. Southgate tactics BORING.. That manager not good enough for England.. the team has too many top ballers to be plYing Defensively.. especially against Hungary

  8. We didn’t deserve to win that game, and we didn’t. It was painful to watch and a 0-0 would have been flattering. Sure, it wasn’t a penalty, but these decisions have favoured us in the past, and during this game we weren’t exactly showing any desire to win. The energy wasn’t there and I am baffled that Southgate chose to play 5 defenders and a defensively minded midfielder against Hungary. The substitutions left a lot to be desired too. I hope this is a kick up the backside and we show some more desire and play on the front-foot against Germany.

  9. Southgate will undo all his good work in previous tournaments in the next 6 months. No proper left backs , playing james justin who is just getting fit , no structure – they will get badly exposed now and Southgate does not have tactical onus for evolution. England will get knocked out 1st round in world cup and Southgate will be exposed.

  10. Nations League Shockers LOL. I guess no trophy 🏆 belongs in 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿…France 50MM Mbappe and Karim the Dream fell to 🇩🇰 and Belgium was spanked by Holland 🍊

  11. England have two tournament goal scorer Sterling and Kane. Kane is take a couple match to get going while Sterling will start scoring right away. How come you left Sterling out

  12. Focusing on the penalty because you think it was unfair, but ignoring that Hungary dominated England for the vast majority of the game. England looked like hot garbage and a win by Hungary is no less than what they deserved. Now let's talk about how bad the tournament is, instead of how bad England is.

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