This is War! Messi Sends a Message to Barcelona That Shocked all the fans!

This is War! Messi Sends a Message to Barcelona That Shocked all the fans!

Relations between Messi and Laporta are heating up. Leo Messi is absolutely fed up with Joan Laporta’s public statements about him. In fact, Jorge Messi called Laporta a few months ago and asked the president to stop mentioning his son in every interview.

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  1. I definitely absolutely agree that no Messi at barca untiill laporta leaves. For me forever, no laporta at barca, always support Messi with whatever fc club he plays. Messi on, laporta off

  2. Its not Laporta,its the spanish media…In every interview wheather xavi or any one..they keep bringing messi…At times Messi must be feeling tht this Goat title is too much to handle!

  3. This is to funny, 1st it was all Bartomeuo's fault, than he said that he would stay in barca if laporta came in. Bartomeu put a value on him of 800M euros, while laporta send him packing for free. To funny lol

  4. Carrigher is just jealous that PSG doesn't want Messi. Ask Carrigher if PSG should keep his Idol, Messi and which was a better signing?

  5. 0:55 Tipical Baby Barca Fan Spotted
    You and your club fan base should feel ashamed you treated so badly your former captain who helped you to win so much
    Club is not a country that one needs to stay there forever You offered a bad deal than Perez so he left

  6. Laporta isn't that bad he actually saved Barcelona when Barcelona was in a huge dept . True he mentioned Messi Alot that's because they ask him about Messi in every press conference. And the problem with gavi is his agent who wants a shit load of money when Barcelona can't afford it

  7. Neymar is overrated. The guy was on another level in the last years in barcelona. His level dropped. And mbappe will not reach his potential in psg. He should have went to madrid.

  8. Leao would be the perfect competitor for Jr vinicius.. healthy for real Madrid,but they should rid hazard…and please free bale,I understand he loves the club..but it's turned out toxic for his career..sad coz he's a great performer, unlike hazard

  9. Carragher.. the man who scored more own goals then regular ones… he is lucky because in his time… the social media wasnt what it is today… or else we were talking about another mcguire

  10. About time that laporta finally lets old ghosts rest and focuses on the club.

    Should've voted for Victor Font instead, laporta is still going on about getting players back that literally just have nostalgia to them, focus on the future of the club instead, stop talking out of your ass laporta, you aint uli hoeneß ffs.

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