Thibaut Courtois spoke to Gemma Soler during VAR check in Champions League Final | LaLiga Centro

Gemma Soler joins ESPN FC’s LaLiga Centro to offer up a unique story that Thibaut Courtois asked her and other journalists their thoughts on the VAR check during the Champions League Final.
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  1. Only those who don't watch La Liga will not know his talent, I watched him from Atletico Madrid, ever since Chelsea signed him and loaned him to Atletico,
    He and Oblak are the best keepers right now

  2. I think in a lesser game, it could have been given as a goal since the play could be interpreted as deliberate, but in a Champions League final, it was safer to rule it offside.

  3. City put 5 past Courtois
    And speaking of VAR
    Casemiro escaped 2 Red card
    Complete Media silence on that
    Madrid can plot Super League
    Madrid can't pay off Authorities?😂

  4. "He was nervous, didn't know what to do.."…are you kidding me? He should be so 'in the zone' and focused that an interview would be the last thing on his mind. If this is the way football has gone, carrying out interviews during VAR checks, then you've basically confirmed football being nothing more than PURE SHOW…thanks for the admittance of yet more media control!

  5. Still trying to make excuses for Liverpool. ? Get over it … They lost and Madrid goal should have counted

  6. He’s been doing that’s since 2013 during his time at atletico, the copa del Rey final against Real Madrid in the bernabeau. Courtois was a monster then also

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