‘There’s leaks in EVERY club!’ Who is behind the leaks to the media from Man United? | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Mark Ogden joins Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens take a look at how leaks happen in football clubs. They also discuss how damaging leaks are to football clubs and how it impacts future games for the teams affected.

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  1. There's no proof that Lingard or Pogba where the ones the Man United CEO referred to when he was talking about the ones who leaked info. It could've been a scout or a coach, etc. Who knows… 🤷‍♂️

  2. Does that give the players the right to downtool, these leaks can be valid if said players are actually putting their all into it, which sadly isn't the case and hasn't been for sometime. Soo who are they to talk when they themselves are for the most part major part of the problem

  3. Listen – The whole problem with MUnited has always been the Owners. They caused the demise of this great club. Everything else is fragmentation. They need new and smart owners. Period. No coach or player was allowed to do their jobs. .

  4. Also not sure if I agree with Mark Ogden's rationale that "leakers" are divulging dressing room info to journalists because they're frustrated and want to make things better. If that were true why don't just go directly to their manager or DoF, or CEO? If that doesn't work, submit a transfer request and move to a club that is more befitting with their ideal environment. If I disliked my boss and working environment that much, what course of action would it make sense to take? 😀

  5. Mark Ogden doth protest too much. Seems like journalists want to quote a dressing room "leaker" whilst not naming their source publicly. Which is their prerogative. Then what's the issue if the consumers of said leaks choose to speculate on social media whom the source might be? Think about the reason why the tittle-tattle is being discussed in the first place…because a journalist chose to put it out in the public domain. Chicken and egg comes to mind.

  6. turned this off with in 1 minute, seems they are trying to protect pogba here , , the way you go on saying maybe a player speaks to family agent , and they talk, the thing is the player talks and tells them to leak it simple as that , pogba he goes with my best wishes , i dont feel he put in his all , but i do feel he was committed to the club but was very badly advised and kept in limelight , all the players are to blame! they are young men paid a lot of money who should want to be proud of themselves and bury and issues on the training ground and pitch and do your all not only for the fans and club but for your own legacy , utd players seems to be a bunch of physically fit , but mentally challenged , however i believe pogba prob has leaked things from time to time, they dont bother me neither do the leaks tbh , the issue causing them bothers me, the lies and empty promises these players must get only to be let down time and again

  7. Mr Odgen, I have to disagree with you if you think that players are absolved of all responsibilities regarding leaks, because they are the source of the leaks, as they are the ones sharing confidential information about their workplace when they shouldn't in the first place. Sir Alex Ferguson was successful by being ruthless to leakers, no one at United have been ruthless to leakers since he left, and the board was ok with it. Therefore you got this socia media fanfare club that is Man Utd right now

  8. They are swines how dare they accuse poggers he is a victim, can’t defend lingardino as scholes grassed him up live on tv , people like these chaps would be on the scrap heap if the didn’t have grasses as in my opinion what they tell me I can work out myself and I am a refuse collector for the council 👍

  9. Ralf ragnick did an awful job. If he was Swedish or Norwegian he would be called out. But because he's from Germany, (despite never actually winning anything as a coach and only ever being successful as an advisor), he got away with murder. He was never held to the same standards as Ole and that's awful from the United fans

  10. Marcus Rashford is behind the leaks at Manchester United. Guy thinks he is entitled a place in starting 11, thinks he is world class when at best, at the very best he is mid table team player. People often compared him to Raheem Sterling. Those fckin idiots must be in jail.

  11. Anyone who’s actually been paying attention to sports media around the world, particularly football, realize this is exactly how it works, nearly everywhere. Not sure why some fans somehow believes it’s a lie or bias. That only makes it easier for other parts of media to feed fans better lies.

    Don’t forget the billionaire owners have high up media people, and they aren’t putting out bad stories about themselves, they target the players. Fans eat that up.

  12. I used to be a massive supporter of the fan channels on YouTube up until last season. As far as United are concerned, Flex and the United View are the only channel I still watch. The amount of assumptions and lies especially when it came to leaks is what did it for me. Goldbridge and the United Stand are the No.1 culprit.

  13. Luke Shaw done everything . In one season he thought I'm best LB in the world .. he is giving reply to Mourinho and espn presented it like Shaw replied Mourinho with his performances but after leaving Southampton Shaw hardly perform in 10 game . Giving assist in euro doesn't mean you justfied your salary and price tag fact is he miserable fail 50 million transfer . But media never talked about it coz Shaw doing leaks . Nd look how ogi justifying it

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