There’s a BIGGER FEELING ahead of Ukraine vs. Scotland | SportsCenter

Sam Borden joins SportsCenter to delve into the immense lengths Ukrainian fans have gone in order to attend their pivotal World Cup playoff against Scotland.
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  1. Imagine being a Scotland player, training years and working hard to get to the WC, just miss out on automatic qualification, and now people are making out like Ukraine winning is going to help them end the war. It’s only a game of football and should be treated as such

  2. Ukraine playing the victim again? We need to stop passing corrupted countries as saints..i feel for their citizens, but they selected and allowed this government to happen.

  3. Lol don't care, don't bring politics Into sports.
    Let him go and fight for his country then if he cares sooo much 😢😢😢😢😢😢
    Social engineering and propaganda at its finest

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