‘The gift that keeps giving’ Was selling Eden Hazard the greatest move for Chelsea? | ESPN FC

Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens talk about Aurélien Tchouaméni coming to Real Madrid and Juls feels ‘he’s perfect’ for the club. Then take a look at Tottenham signing 33 year old Ivan Perisic on a free transfer with a 2 year deal. The pair discuss news that Chelsea will earn an extra £15million from Eden Hazard’s 2019 transfer after Real Madrid won the Champions League.

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  1. Think of it bang average players like Vallejo, Lucas Vasquez, Mariano has 2-3 ucl trophies doing nothing while players like kdb, Bernardo Silva, de gea who worked their body off for so many years now saving their team so many times have zero ucl, even hazard is winning ucl doing fcuk all, football is really unfair

  2. Monetarily it's proving to be a good transfer for Chelsea, although Hazard still has time to resurrect his career. (However unlikely). Conversely, and by extension with the Rudiger move, proves how small Chelsea is to Madrid.

  3. Hazard is one of the biggest talents of his generation, when he had a good day he was pretty much unstoppable, but he did choke in many important matches and he just ruined himself in Real.

  4. Gab is wrong saying "Tuchel signed off on Lukaku". That was a board signing they bought and gave Tuchel after they didn't get Tuchel his choices, which were Haaland, Lewandoski or Kane. Chelsea board were looking to sign Lukaku for years, as per Athletic. Tuchel never wanted him.

  5. That's why it's sad for players like Griezmann. That guy gave everything to win CL and Laliga time and time again, and between touching distances to achieving it multiple times but just didn't had the talent throughout his team to outdo the other giant clubs in Barcelona and Real Madrid. The two unplayerable players in Messi and Ronaldo who played in the same league but not the same team as Griezmann. At other seasons, the talisman Griezmann and his team would beat or place higher in points than Real Madrid (2nd place) but just couldn't gain enough points to be at No.1 position having dealing with the spanish giants in Real Madrid or Barcelona. Seeing Hazard achieved more laliga's and CL's than Griezmann is extremely cruel and unfair in my opinion. Both of them made the move to Barca and Real in 2019 and Hazard contribution were and is very minimal as opposed to Griezmann who worked his socks off fighting hard to fit in a new system, the most dysfunctioning Barcelona ever and teamates that didn't fancy passing to him, yet keeping himself fit and positive, determined to play in a Barcelona he saw all the years back. Hopefully Griezmann win those two cups before he retires, he deserves it in my opinion.

  6. No it’s not the best thing. Chelsea had one of the 5 best players in the world on their team and failed to surround him with world class talent. Neymar had mbappe/ di maria. Bale had cr7/benz. Hazard had morata and willian😂. And ppl wonder why chelsea didn’t do great when he was there, the team was painfully mediocre outside of hazard and kante

  7. ESPN pundits are clearly not aware of the immense contribution Hazard did in the background to ensure the Madrid players could focus on the game and win the final. He was in charge of taking care of the players kids and was seen in the dressing room trying to give champagne to Toni Kroos' underaged son until Kroos stopped him. I personally feel his contribution is underrated!😍

  8. he watches anime I don't know why he doesn't understand why he hasn't gone in super training redemption mode like Naruto or something dude hasn't seen the ball in 3 years and I really thought he was gonna replace Ronaldo and have a impact playing along side benzema and vini but he is the next Gareth bale except bale actually won and did something for Real Madrid hazard hasn't done anything we should just sell if he isn't in the future plans which I don't see happening it doesn't take you 3 years to get back in shape

  9. Hazard should have never left Chelsea, Coutinho should have never left Liverpool, Bale should have never left Spurs.

  10. Hazard had bad luck in Madrid. But to have beasts like Benzema and Modric balling day in day out at their age has given him optimism. He has a lot of support within the team as well. Expect a great season from him.

  11. Not only did Eden play just 83 minutes in the 2021-2022 CL campaign. Full 66 of those minutes came in Real Madrid's home defeat against the Moldavian champions. And that's really cool, if the £15M bonus rumor is true.

  12. In life you have to take risk follow your dreams whatever that may be no one knew not even hazard that he would face injuries more of his Madrid career just hope he gets a good season under his belt before his time ends at Madrid really great player that deserves a second chance

  13. ESPN have serious problem selecting irrelevant topics.if Chelsea said they wanted hazard to flop when they sold him that's something. Childish

  14. Hazard and a lot of other players , got overshadowed by c.ronaldo and messi …

    Think the time of bale , neymar , hazard is over … and the follow-up is already their ( mbappe, , haaland )

  15. Hazard was the kind of player that makes you fall in love with football. The guy was just a true genius. Sure, there are prolific strikers and wingers nowadays as well. But it's players like Messi, Neymar, Hazard, that inspire young kids and commands the attention of people who don't even follow football by the manner in which they play the game.

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