The Crazy Infidelity Rumor Around Piqué, Shakira And Gavi's Mother | Oh My Goal

Shakira would have caught Gerard Piqué cheating on her with the mother of the young footballer Gavi. Meanwhile, Nasser Al Khelaifi suspects Leonardo to have helped Kylian Mbappé to join Real Madrid behind his back.

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  1. U guys shakira aint that pretty besides hes been with her for 12 years hes already used to her and has gotten everything he wants from her already its time to taste new fish in the sea

  2. It’s not Gavi’s mother. The tweet was from a parody account (wrote El Periosico not Periodico) who deleted it and the person tagged in the pic was Gavi’s gf or sister or someone. The actual person Pique cheated with is a blonde in her 20s. Incredible how a joke from a parody account is ruining an innocent family’s life (Gavi’s).

  3. John Terry must be Proud of him

    🤣he went One Step Ahead of John Terry just to become a Legendary Beast And Captain like him

    Pique Welcome to club with Icardi ,Terry and Giggs

  4. This is just pathetic at this point , Why make a video in the first place and promote these kind of disgusting rumours . Just anything for views .🤷‍♂️

  5. Will PSG be punished?
    Ceferin to Al-Khelaifi: wink.. wink..
    Please, let's now al chant with UEFA's bitch (Sky Sports): "Football is of the fans… football is of the fans". PL fans are very gullible.

  6. After doing my research online, I don't think it's true as Gavi's sister looks hotter than their mother but even so she's still a no match for 45 y.o Shakira. There must be another goddess Pique met along the way.

  7. Bottom feeders are as usual quick to pick on chip gossip, and dig through other people’s dirty underwear! Forget they are asking for privacy for the sake of their children, because gossip is more important and entertaining, and also helps to get your eyes of your own shitty lives 😏 Why so many football fans are such Bottom feeders?! I don’t get it 🤷🏻‍♂️

  8. Pique is Barcelona leader after Messi left how disgusting to do that to one of his youth players. Gavi is under the spotlight and he will be trolled and memes will come out endlessly. This incident and the Messi feud makes it clear that Barca should sell Pique. This guy was once compared to Sergio Ramos what a joke.

  9. Fake, we all know gavi moved away from his home to play in Barcelona. Unless they met somewhere else than Barcelona it is fake.

  10. Tebas going above and beyond just so that Mbappe joins madrid using European ecosystem as an excuse all that for a player that never belonged to your league in the first place I guess we shouldn't be surprised Mbappe had already joined them his head he'll be remembered as one of most useful president in the top 5 European leagues

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