The bookies come from ENGLAND – Frank Leboeuf reacts to World Cup odds | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC crew react to World Cup odds and if England deserves the odds they have been given.

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  1. Argentina beat Brazil for the Copa America and Italy for the Finalissima and Argentina is on a Unbeaten run Argentina is the best team right now followed by Brazil France England.

  2. Top favorites are Brazil, Argentina and France. I feel France will arrive not ready and crash possibly in the round of 16 or quarterfinals. Tete’s Brazil has a habit of hammering small teams and losing upon their first test. I think it’s Argentina this time.

  3. As a Englishman I would normally totally Agee with frank about Englands odds and say they are over rated however this time could be different… two reasons I’m not so sure this time is 1… England actually have recorded/ had 3 solid tournaments in a row / in last 4 years …4th World Cup 2018 3rd euro nations league 2nd in euro’s etc etc and 2. Either way if England have a great World Cup or terrible World Cup it’s going to be very significant indeed towards Michael platini’s famous quote off England team (s) being lions in winter and then lambs in summer especially as it’s going to be a “winter” /mid season World Cup…… it feels like either England will bomb at the World Cup and the only upside of that for me is platini will have even less credit in the football world (not a bad thing even though he was a great player ) or if England actually do well …… people will realise platini was 100% on to something and hence why England have been so disappointing at major championships (since 66)

  4. Brazil and England won’t win it. I can promise that. Spain Argentina France have better chance they’re straight ballers

  5. Betting odds are not calculated on team form or favour. It is a business. Profit motive. Calculations are made on amounts of money expected to be placed and to attract the higher betting markets (like the U.K.) to bet more.

  6. Clearly the reason England is so high up in the bookies lists is because this gambling on sports thing is mostly something they do in the UK, and English fans are very optimistic, so they will put their money on England. With a decent team as they have (not top 4 favourites, but they can get there), the bookies just have to minimalise their potential losses.

  7. Sorry, Guys! Probably you are a bit blind… The next World cup winner will be UKRAINE!!! WHOLE WORLD SHOULD SUPPORT THEM… they are the strongest at the moment…

  8. I don't buy into this BS that Argentina are favourites, the world cup is a very very different environment, every team is fighting and Argentina are toothless, once they get outclassed they start shaking, just like the likes of England, Portugal and Brazil.
    I didn't mention France because Benzema is in the form of his life and if you really take a look at France matches from the Euros onwards, he's been their best player through and through

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