That Champions League title doesn't count! – Steve Nicol on Gareth Bale's 5th UCL title | ESPN FC

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  1. you need to perform like valverde and rodrygo if you want to put gareth bale on the bench. that is the contribution of gareth bale, the existence of bale is to push another younger to be better than him.

  2. Don't compare Bale to Ronaldo. Ronaldo knows Portuguese and its more similar to spanish than english. Gareth Bale just didn't care for learning spanish, but he does care about his career and his club. He signed to play with a ball, not speak spanish.

  3. ESPN and these clowns they employ are always slamming Bale. Why don't they just move on. Stevie Nicol's voice makes me want to throw up. Same for Frank Leboff or LaBeef (or whatever his name is).

  4. I love Gareth. Was he immature at Madrid, the biggest club in the world? Yes. Did he lack professionalism at the end? Yes. However, I hope he continues his career and gets the spark back, even if just at Inter Miami with Beckham.

  5. His presence on the bench will have had a psychological effect, to his own players who will be thinking if it’s not working we’ve got someone who’s capable of scoring a worldy behind us, and to the opposition who’ll be thinking the man who destroyed us last time can come on at any moment. You look at liverpools bench and Real won’t have been at all worried. So yes he does deserve it as part of the squad as do the coaching staff and everyone involved with the club.

  6. Well Steve, you would just keeps crying about the champions league lost and be salty about Bale. In the end of the day, Bale would still have that 5 UCL title. Almost as same as your favorite team Liverpool and thats hard to digest. Thats understandable

  7. He was in the squad. Experience and character as part of the squad before during and after the game… and all season influencing and leading up to the final as part of the playing staff. Old school footballers with old school views… Bale was on the Real playing staff all year influencing, in the squad and a substitute for the game…. influencing… he deserves the medal. He as won 5 Champions Leagues, 19 trophies overall and is an inspiration to so many. Well done Gareth!! If you think he wasn't relevant, go and check how many bets were placed for a Bale winning goal last Saturday!!
    Bore off Nicol and the naysayers…

  8. Stevie is here just for the fact that he can make us all laugh pretty consistently lol Gareth Bale is a Real Madrid legend, a Welsh legend, and the Bernabeu even applauded him at the trophy 🏆 ceremony 👏

  9. As a Madrid fan, I'd say that Bale's level of contribution in other UCL Finals justifies him claiming a 5th. There are other players in our squad who contributed less to all 5, but will still claim 5. Bale easily gets to claim 5.

  10. Madrid played a role in sidelining Bale imo. Whts your take on that? I think Madrid was wrongly impatient with his injury issues. Issues that i believe are caused by forcing him to play as a right wing.

  11. well if thats the case, then why is Marcelo celebrating the 5th then he didn't play the last game ?? so of course Bale can celebrate it this is a team sport no matter if you playing or not …respect for a ledged, in the past he have scored a lot of important goals for us

  12. You know whats weird is Bale's teamates never really had bad things to say about him and idk i truly believe it started with zidane but I think there is bad blood between him and the Real Madrid hierarchy. I've read some of Madrid's newspapers over the years and I believe someone was leaking info bout him but both couldve done better.

  13. Nicol is STILL salty that Liverpool lost another Champions League Trophy to Real Madrid!!! Bale has 5 CL trophies and Nicol can never take it away from him…

  14. None of this matters in his final moments as a Madrid player in El Santiago he got cheered on to the field .
    He’s the second highest scoring player in Champions league finals history, let him play the World Cup and retire in peace he’s cleared every club achievement and scored in dying moments.
    The reception in el Santiago was proof of his efforts in totality , there were no boos .

  15. i dont understand this logic, did he train with the team week in and week out, was he ready to play if called upon? if so he was on the team and earned any praise just like anyone else on the winning side.

  16. People upset about Bale earning 600k a week but is that his fault, has he single handedly won madrid trophies before yes, has he contributed a lot to others yes, when you win 4 ucl trophies, if you're on the last year of your contract then yes you can celebrate….., put some respect on Bale's name, what he does for wales also is outstanding I dont see any Scots, Irish or northern Irish players do it, and he is up there with the greats of the UK no question, 5 ucl trophies, 19 trophies in total with madrid outstanding

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