Stephen Howson BRUTUAL Munich Take😥 Liverpool fan meltdown about "FAILED" season!

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  1. Howson's wordings were wrong although I don't think he actually meant that. He meant from football side in recovery of the club. But have to admit that Ed Woodward has been a virus at club. He's done such a horrible damage to Man Utd that we still haven't found a proper way out of it and are stuck in it.

  2. Howson points where on spot should not have used Munich as comparison

    And for Liverpool they a decent season with 2 cups and finish second it not a failure just that they though they get the quad and didn't

  3. I have Hugh respect for Howson matter of fact him and terry the way they look at life is second to none people calling for howson head is a percentage of those is jealousy

  4. Ask any Arsenal fan what they would rather have – The invincible season OR a Champions League title. I’ve literally had Arsenal fans try argue with me that a CL title isn’t prestigious because ‘Nottingham Forrest and Villa have won it’ so that is how high the delusion runs in that fanbase and the invincible thing is just another manifestation of it. No one cares about it except them.

  5. Arsenal fans won't care about the option is retaining the league after

    They would rather prefer scraping invincibles for champs that's the right option

  6. He is wrong, and he is an asshole! As much as we love the game, football isn't that serious. There are worst CEO’s in other entities that are doing worst to actual ppl making minimum wage.

  7. My question is is this game that turn the tide on gergen press did Real Madrid show other team how to beat it are Liverpool going to be so effective this coming season what u think @terry

  8. Liverpool’s season hasn’t been a failure but if I were a Liverpool fan I’d be disappointed not to win either the UCL or Premier League. One of those would’ve made it a season for the history books.

  9. Either Liverpool are the best team ever, or the best team in the world, and therefore not winning the league and not winning the champions league means they are failures, or they are just not the best team, and therefore it's a good season for them.

  10. Terry Invincibles are one of the best teams in PL as a competition.
    You talk about Invincibles but than you mention other cups?
    Invincibles 0 L, City 100pts(most), Liverpool 99pts (fastest to win with 7 games to go) and Chelsea best defence record are 4 most impressive PL title winning seasons.
    Why do you have problem with that is beyond me, we know that 99 Treble is best achievement but in the Premier League they weren't special, won the trophy ofc but they weren't great in PL, but they had greatest season as a club.

  11. You were shocked….wow what I low iq take. He was comparing a depleted team to the top in 10 years not thing about deaths and the memory of the dead. Only.peppel deliberately wanting to make their own shit up

  12. Terry, no matter what people say, the Invincibles were great, and like it or not, it cannot be scrapped off history. There has been great teams after that, but none of them are able to do it

  13. Terry says history only remembers the winners except when they mention Slippy G, Liverpool finished 1 point behind twice, Lost to Real twice in UCL finals 🤦 Terry loves lying to himself.

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