Spain was much, much, much better than Portugal – Ale Moreno | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC crew react to Spain’s 1-1 draw with Portugal in the UEFA Nations League.

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  1. Ale hates Portugal because of Ronaldo because he is a messi fan.. ok Spain were the better team but he would never have said that Portugal were better if they had won. . Never gives credits to Portugal , all the time finding a reason to backlash just because he is a messi fan . Although Ronaldo had a better international career and playing in a much much tougher European Cup and having won it .. so Ale you need to shut up .

  2. This Moreno guy should go comment on paint drying on a wall. And probably even that he would do it wrong. My friend, you may understand some things in this world, but football is not one of them.

  3. So these guys don't actually watch or consider things like tactics or anything? Cancelos mistake gifted a goal, Spain's midfield was always going to control vs Bruno who is over rated and moutinho who while being a great cm doesn't have the legs and needs Renato along side him to be effective and Bernardo who is gassed after playing more than 60 games with Ronaldo on the bench Dias and Renato out injured and still Spain couldn't do much and were lucky Leao didn't bury 2 goals. Unfortunately under Santos portugal plays for counters and what we saw is portugal do exactly that while absorbing whatever possession Spain had. Spain looked fresher but not much better.

  4. much much much better?
    Like Liverpool I guess.
    Football is all about the results, if Portugal played like that and wins the world cup, then you can talk as much as you want

  5. Portugal needs a manager that will play attacking football,the way Portugal play is shameful with so many talented players to choose from! Also some of the players picked are only there to pay favours to the agent Jorge Mendes,we need a national coach that picks players on merit!

  6. Ale Moreno not giving STICK to Portugal would be a surprise! Hes a Ronaldo hater, so he hits whatever team he is in. Btw , WHO is Ale Moreno? Did he play Basebol?

  7. The sooner Portugal realize Santo's the one holding them back, the better. Bench too is impeccable! Almost as if they hv up until 3rd team!

  8. Ronaldo had the team to compete for the World Cup this year, unfortunately the coach is a joke. You could put Mbappe in this Portugal team and they would still lose the World Cup because of this stupid coach.

  9. so what no body cares about who is better what matters is result
    these are same clowns who used to say real Madrid has no chance against Liverpool

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