Son Snubbed Again | ESPN FC Podcast

The FC crew react to this season’s PFA awards which saw Mo Salah win the Player of the Year award and Son Heung-min left off the Team of the Season altogether. Plus, Sid Lowe joins the show to talk about Frenkie De Jong and Bernardo Silva’s future and Kasey Keller joins to preview United States’ match against Grenada.

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  1. How can they put Pendu who took ManU from UCL to Europa instead of Son who took Tottenham from Conference League to UCL? So corrupted

  2. I dare& challenge ESPN hosts&PFA…and those imperialist English idiots…which is…if he was English…U would declared on the mountain top….rooftops…seems relatively small……U would say …Once in lifetime…does such player…come in this planet…these muppets should smell my ass….I don’t blame Putin though…after seeing such non-sensical things especially from English and European generally

  3. Hold on. Did y'all see that list? Who was Son going to oust on the PFA team? That team was dominated by City and Liverpool players who had monstrous seasons, and rightfully so. Just Chelsea's Rudiger broke this. Who is Sonny in this comparison? Kane had a better season than Son in my opinion.

    Besides Tottenham was also poor this season. They were not close to challenging for any honours. They just clinched 4th cos Westham was in the latter Europa stages, United was poor, Arsenal were naive!

    So, let's calm down with all these emotional hype please…

  4. Last season without Ronaldo man u got champions . This season Ronaldo came and made his goals screwing the team out of champions into europa league. And he's probably leaving next season lmao

  5. To Shaka:
    I thought individual performance 🎭 is used to judge 👩‍⚖️ a player on his or her Ability to be given an award 🥈 I am glad you did eventually mention the Mighty Son!
    I have no faith in your predictions now but my prediction for the coming season is the rise of the Mighty SPURS!! COYS!

  6. Well deserved M Salah. Top scorer, top playmaker, played in more games than all the others and his team did quite well. Based on last season's performances, Salah is the outright winner of the award.

  7. the most common form of racism is "disregard", all closet racists do this everyday. if son's name was john and he was british, this would NEVER happened

  8. Racism in Premier league towards Asian is clear here….That's why England can't win World Cup and can't even dominate Club football having a tag "Competitive League"..🤬From now watching LaLiga is better than Premier league..and LaLiga Clubs are more dominating than other league's at Club level.

  9. The first Asian Player to get top goalscorer in the top 5 league. First. What does he need to do more? 30 goal and assists. Just disgraceful. Putting mane ahead of Son? SMH

  10. This is blatant racism.. Son has been playing in the EPL for 7 years and

    has scored more than 20 goals in almost all seasons.. How much more must he prove?

    I hope to be evaluated fairly regardless of race. Does it make sense that the Golden Boot winner isn't on the list?

  11. I really hate comments like this.. Son is not European nor South American? This is also racist. Why are you looking for other reasons? This is clearly racism against Asian players. This is the true essence. Son has proven his skills in the Premier League for a long time.. Son is the Golden Boot winner.

  12. He is not European nor South American/ North American nor African nor Japanese and also he plays for Spurs. There is a room for racism according to PFA 🙂

  13. Top 3 G/A in the league this year 1. Salah 2. Son 3. Kane
    Son Golden Boot 23 goals with no penalties. I’m not sure what more he could have done. Absolutely robbed and I feel terrible for him, he only gets recognized in his home country

  14. the PFA needs to really reevaluate their voting/selection criteria – I've lost what little respect I had for them
    not including Son is the definition of wrongful omission

  15. so much blatant racism in the PL…if son was black or white, we would not be having this conversation……no respect for asian players…ifi the golden boot winner cant make the team, no asian player will ever make the team….get the sorry racists out of the PL…

  16. If Son is British, he is one and only one win golden boot, no Salah.
    Also if he is British, he must win player of the year.

  17. It's simple. Son is not European nor South American. Your nationality determines how you are perceived in world football. Dwight Yorke, who is from the Caribbean, top-scored the Premier League in 1999 and also won the Treble with Manchester United that season yet David Ginola, who is French, won the PFA Player of the Year award with Tottenham who finished 11th that season.

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