'Sign of the times' – Gab details Lukaku's plans to return to Inter on MASSIVE pay cut | ESPN FC

Gabriele Marcotti and Alessandro Del Piero react to reports Romelu Lukaku is agreeing to take a pay cut of millions to help seal a return to Inter Milan.

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  1. Chelsea should get rid of the manager and keep him…the manager system doesnt fit him …the game should be about the players you have not about the manager..

  2. If this is what both parties want then good luck to him. Honestly I'm torn between calling it quits and still trying to make it work. A rational mind can't seem to understand that if all parties – and I say all here because Tuchel allegedly signed off on Chelsea's pursuit of him – agreed to him joining Chelsea last summer it was because there was an understanding that his skill set was what was required. I'm sick and tired of all these failed transfers because they [ directors & board ] are more interested in a name rather than a fit. If you're going to play a system, you need players that can thrive in that system. If you splash the cash on a star player then your coaching staff MUST be willing to change that system to suit him.

    Whatever happens, I just know that poorly thought transfers have to stop because wastage in the PL is too much. Don't get me wrong I'm well aware that a team can spend the time to carefully consider and recruit a player who may still end up not being successful. But it won't be for footballing reasons. There isn't enough consequences for the people making these poor transfer decisions and that has to change.

  3. This whole Lukaku thing pains me as both a Chelsea fan and a Belgium fan. I've known of his quality since he was 18, and really wanted him to succeed, a-la-Drogba, especially since he's proven himself in the Prem before. But honestly, he talks way wayyy too much, and that Interview he gave during the season really messed up the momentum we had (as well as all the injuries/covid outbreaks). I thought he had improved in Italy, but there are games where I'd look at him and seriously wonder why the club brought him back. He's not the striker that would work in this system, we have to cut our losses and move on to better targets suited for our style of play.

  4. If you want to strike for chelsea, you must learn how to mark ball, you don't stand and wait for the ball to come to you.

  5. Lukaku was not bad in stats wise this season. There is no way he deserves soo much stick of what he's been getting. Still a far better player than Grealish and didn't flop like him in my opinion.

  6. He cant be cash anytime soon 😄😄,chelsea at a mud pit. Or you can swap lautaro martinez with lukaku + 40milion as interisti I would be happy with that 😆😆

  7. I think Tuchel is pragmatic, he wants to win and starts the best 11 to win the match. Seems like if you play for him be ready to rotate. Esp with the injury issues Chelsea had this past season.

  8. I honestly think the only reason they went for Lukaku was because Tuchel had won a CL, they wanted to back him and they saw no other top striker that could be bought. I simply refuse to believe that Chelsea as a club actually thought he would be a success. This was a doomed transfer from the start.

  9. This is embarrassing.. truly disappointed at Lukaku.. don't know which premier league signing was worse and more embarrassing.. Di Maria or Lukaku.. just shows how easy Lukaku gives up and shows how poor he is when playing for a top club.. too much pressure for him

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