Show me the Mane! | ESPN FC TV Podcast

The ESPN FC crew discuss reports that Sadio Mane wants to leave Liverpool and debate whether or not he should go to Bayern Munich. Plus, Jurgen Klopp isn’t impressed with Real Madrid’s win after Thibaut Courtois was named Man of the Match and Gareth Bale celebrates his 5th Champions League title. Elsewhere, Nottingham Forest earn promotion to the Premier League.
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  1. It’s money. They are gona pay Salah more and he wants the same.

    The funny thing is Bayern isn’t gonna pay him any good.

    He could however end up joining Real, real could pay him as much as he wants

  2. So you're just reposting content that you did with video (and posted earlier), removing the video and calling it a podcast? Is this what the marketing team came up with to capitalize on the success of podcasting? LOL

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