Should Italy consider SACKING Roberto Mancini? Plus…NBA salaries! | ESPN FC Extra Time

Welcome in to the latest Wednesday edition of ESPN FC Extra Time.
0:00 Introductions.
0:30 How frustrated will Andy Robertson be after Scotland’s defeat?
2:50 Should Italy consider getting rid of Roberto Mancini?
4:56 Ranking some rather “interesting” competitions.
7:00 Ivan Perisic signing for Tottenham.
8:30 Liverpool Champions League final record.
10:45 Should soccer take a page out of the NBA’s salary book?
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  1. Off the 3 competitions I’m least interested in la finalissima especially in a World Cup year outside off that competition … it’s a smaller older retro version off the fifa confederation cup…… a competition I always thought would have been FAR more interesting as either a six team confederations all star teams tournament (team Europe/uefa vs team Africa team Asia etc etc ) or if it had to be 8 team tournament still then simply have the all star teams divided by players 1st spoken language/dialect six automatic teams would be English speakers,French,Spanish,Portuguese,Arabic speakers and the last one would be called the 8th team / the extras/best of the rest or English 2nd language speakers this team would be picked last after the other five automatic qualifying teams and the two wildcard teams which would be different for different tournaments examples off wildcard teams are German speakers,Italian,Korea,Russian (it be a while now to that team gets an invite!) etc etc it would be interesting to see who had the strongest team an Spanish team backed up with the whole off south and Central America-Brazil or an half Brazil half Portuguese team with the odd Angolan ? The English team would be the British isles team plus really good yanks,Aussie,New Zealanders and Canadians (if not playing for the french) etc etc
    While the current world club World Cup isn’t greet it could off been if uefa had kept the old 80s system off euro cup/cup winners cup / old uefa cup and given all 3 European teams a spot in a 16 team one month world tournament competition along with top 3 from Africa and Asia top 2 from concacaf and connebol Oceania best plus holders and a host team.… but then again you still have problems off too many games
    Uefa nations league is ok … yes for some teams like England your just replacing friendlys against the germanys,italys and Americans with league games against Germanys,Italian and hungarys instead … but for other teams like the other 4 British isles national teams it could be much more worthwhile as every promotion and relegation is really going to make a difference/mean something?!

  2. It was not just huge Burley. It was the last trophy Roman won with us. He leaves us as Champions of the World. You have to win the best competition possible to club football to be in the running to be Champions of the World that alone gives the CWC more prestige than any of the others

  3. I dont think you could sack him if any big European football Nation had a chance to sign contract to win the Euro and then lose the Nations League and not make it to the World Cup and lose the Finalissima. Im dead certain, Germany, France, England, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, or any European country would sign that contract now. However if he disappoints again in the next Nations League / Euro then he should be sacked.

    I would rather win the Nations League 1st.
    World Club Cup 2nd because then you can actually officially say you are world champions at Club level and best in the world 0 arguments there. Finalissima is the most minor i class it better than the Super Euro Cup or Charity Shield or Spanish Super Cup. But its the most minor trophy you can win internationally. But the good sign is about the Nations League and Finalissima it removes friendlies and there is literally nothing worse than Friendlies because its a waste of time for everyone.

  4. Italys problem is with the coach. They have a great team but mancini keeps choosing Immobile and belotti instead of their promising youth attack. Italys issue is with goals. They only had 2 goals in the EUROs that came from a striker.

  5. two irrelevant players who played for irrelevant teams they couldn't get anywhere near those competitions. eurocentric views from two old fogies

  6. Isn’t the NBA a private business? If so then they can do what they like, same for these lads on the board – what Disney pays them is Disneys business

    How about equal pay for WNBA & NBA athletes like the US team. 😂 that’ll go down well

  7. Intelligent manager leave at the right time. Beckenbauer after WC final win in 1990. Alex Ferguson after winning PL in 2013. Lowe and Mancini should have left right after their WC 2014 and euro 20 respectively.

  8. I've always rated Perisic, guy's still got the energy to fly up and down the wing all game long. I don't know if he'll be a nailed-on starter for Spurs but either as a full-back or a winger he'll get plenty of minutes.

  9. Mancini literally said this is just for the Euro players. He will change guard going forward. As simple as that. A trophy that was invented for Messi, he didn't wanna take seriously.

  10. I watch both football and basketball religiously. The NBA draft system, CBA, player revenue share, wage structure is the best in any sport. But they can do it that way because the NBA controls every aspect of the sport and the franchises are on quite an equal standing (with some big city clubs like Lakers and Celtics getting some preference, but they still can't get into the playoffs sometimes). Football can't do that because of legacy clubs, the clubs that think their history makes them entitled to forever success. Football is messed up, I'm watching more basketball in the last 3 years vs football seeing how screwed football has become with the money, how Pogba, United behave, how PSG, City are, football is just rotten today.

  11. Sometimes I'll start a sentence and I don't even know where it's going , I just hope I find it along the way
    – Michael Scott
    – Stevie

  12. Absolutely yes. What Mancio has done to the team and the trophy we won is indisputable, yet the way he is managing the team recently is showing off all his weaknesses. Not using talented young players. Italy yesterday went to Wembley aware of the fact that they wouldn't had win the game since minute 1 and this mentality is unacceptable even for the most futile of the matches. Again, what he has done is historical and his legacy will be forever but now its time to pack your things and go

  13. If getting TRASHED by an "past his best" Messi and Co is what Gab calls "Going in the right direction" then we might not see the italians in a tournament for a LONG while.

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