Should France be concerned after losing to Denmark? | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC crew reacts to France’s 2-1 loss to Denmark in the UEFA Nations League.

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  1. Dechamps selection are sometimes off, he needs to go back to a 4-3-3, he should of called up Dembele and camavinga. Benzema has scored a lot of headers this season and thrives off good deliveries in the box and dembele has had exceptional crosses near the end of the season. He literally went from barely having any assists to the top assister in La liga in a matter of months. He should go back to a midfield three with pogba, Kanté, tchouameni or camavinga. And a forward three of Mbappe, Benzema and Dembele. Mbappe and Bezema already play well together plus the deliveries of Dembele from the left would be devastating.

  2. Must i add that denmark also played a pretty pure game against Austria but still won it. So please don't make any excuses for French losing the game.

  3. I don't get it, Denmark won. Again with using players that fit. The substitution of Cornelius is barely even mentioned, he is top scorer in Turkey, had the same preparation as mbappe, but difference is Cornelius scored twice, kylian didnt

  4. Denmark population: Below 6 million. France population above 67 million. Seem the gentlemen above thinks that a higher population means France only can loose by its own mistakes but are not the slightest impressed by the qualifications from the Danish squad, developed from a nation more than 10 times smaller….
    Climbing in FIFA ranks does not happen overnight and Denmark have for a long time had a rank that really are impressive both relatively seen but even more in the light of their population count.
    Watching the Danish squad, on good as well as bad days, are a joy because they clearly work for each other as a TEAM. I watched both the match against France where I thought they were playing really well and against Austria yesterday where it was less coherent and controlled BUT they then added tiredlessly working hard physically for each other and that really made the difference on a day that was close to an "off" day for Denmark.
    On top, the tragic cardiac arrest so many of us saw happen to Christian Eriksen, and the many many good news that since have followed that tragic event, simply gives me an extra joy in watching Eriksen play so well. I watched, for the first time in my life, Brentford matches, and the same joy I feel by watching them rise. Underdogs, economically when it comes to private clubs and population-wise when it comes to national teams outperforming on paper mightier enemies simply gives much better entertainment value IMO.
    GO Denmark! I hope Denmark will be the team all those not attending or leaving early will find joy in following. Lets hope for a more "dive-free" event at WM (fire anyone involved in placing WM in Qatar, the ball already soaked in blood and dead used underpaid workers)

  5. No one has to be concerned, Denmark are improving and could finish top of the table and reach the Semi’s in both WC and Nation League. Didier Deschamps was suppose to step down after winning the Nation’s League, Zidane should be coaching that team, France will struggle in the WC with 4 points at best.

  6. What an utterly shitty one-sided, and not to forget, highly biased post-match analysis. Not even trying to be subjective when only focusing on France lol…
    No surprise really… coming from an American news outlet.. this is just an embarrassing and pathetic attempt at sports journalism..

  7. Nicol ranting about the Nation's League doesn't really make sense – because the World Cup should be taking place now if it wasn't in winter because of Qatar. The World Cup is harder than 4 Nations League games.

  8. First Denmark played fantastic. I hope France doesn’t follow the trend as previous World Cup winner’s which is to completely fold in the following world cups.

  9. I like the French commentator explaining the game, “France made mistake, the Danes scored, then France made another mistake and the Danes scored again”.
    Let me see if I got it right: “When France scores is because of the qualities of France, but when Denmark scores is because France makes a mistake. 

    Wow!! Talking about self center mentality taken to the extremes!!! No wonder France lost, they probably didn’t even realize there was another team on the field.

  10. Hold on do the players play too many games? This panel always having a go at Klopp for having a go, regarding the amount of games.


  11. I do agree about the season though. Usually this time of the year there's only transfer news and us fans also get a bit of break (usually my favourite time to catch up on some cricket & tennis). Whereas now with the Euros last year and the Nation's league this year, it's endless.

  12. You can't teach an old dog new tricks. This France squad needs to change. Loris is rubbish and Varane must have won the lottery to keep getting chances to play football. For some reason Kounde is the next biggest thing and going forward to fair is decent

  13. The problem is that we just beat the World cup holderes away. I mean on papir they could have 3 starting 11 better than ours. And i wasent even because we where lucky.
    Talk more about how Denmark are playing that well against the best team in the World, insted off talking about how the French playres are tied and this and that. We have playres with long seasons to, and we where missing som key playres like our captian Simon Kjær.
    So lets talk more about how impressing that was from Denmark, insted off making it all about findning excuses fore French

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