Sadio Mane wants to LEAVE LIVERPOOL! Why this shouldn’t be a surprise 👀 | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC crew delve into Sadio Mane’s future with Liverpool with other potential suitors after his signature.
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  1. If Liverpool get a good offer for Mane they should let him leave, otherwise a two year extension seems fair enough. Liverpool need a clinical striker in the team, the likes of Firmino and Jota simply won't cut it. In fact it is time to cut Firmino loose, his pressing and work ethic is often praised but the truth is that at the moment Liverpool need players who can contribute with goals and Firmino's goal return has been pretty woeful for a player who plays as a centre forward even if it is in false nine position most of the time.

  2. So mané has 23goals and 2assists in 51games…not even up to kdb and they were routing for him to win the ballon d'or ahead of benzema…laughable😂😂😂😂

  3. So luis diaz and jota are now part of the current Liverpool XI?

    To think I was worried about losing Jesus, Sterling and Gundo? EPL third title will be a walk in the park

  4. Don't want this guy at Bayern we have 3 world class wingers already who are all younger he's the same type player but older so why sign him…we need another striker and midfielder and a CB

  5. craig keep bring it to challenge, he is a brilliant and every one giving the credit to salah + no one talked about renewing his contract like it doesn't matter, so i have no issue with him wanting to leave.

  6. I saw a video that showed he makes 100k pounds per week. that's ridiculous for his talent. FSG has to realise that, in today's market, they have to break their wage structure to keep top talent.

  7. Whatever he chooses to do, good luck to him, he's been one of the most exciting players to watch play as a fan of good football.
    Yeah I am a born and bred Man Utd fan/it's family tradition but that has never prevented me from watching great matches from anywhere and appreciating the elite talent, Mane is a player who'll thrive in any quality team and raise up a mediocre one.
    So wherever he ends up if he leaves, I'll be on the look out for sure!

  8. Mané deserves more tbh Liverpool should increase his salary. All the best mané. 🔴🔴🔴❤❤❤ I'm so sad about the situation. I cried when i heard the news. Even when coutinho left. Hope he stays. Mané-Firmino-Salah ❤

  9. The dude is already 30. C'mon he has to think about maximizing his earnings before he retires. There's no need to preach to him about staying and winning trophies. He already has the UCL, league title and this season both the FA cup and Carabao Cup. In fact, he should leave to challenge himself in another league.

  10. Best league in the world 😂? Last 10 years in Champions league shows Spanish teams clapping the world. This is best the premier league has been since who knows when and still couldn't win CL. These "pundits" need to stop saying prem is the best league

  11. You have made a tremendous amount of money from this squad. Break the fuc$$ng bank of we want to rule like the Madrid and city this old school mentality of LFC does not work anymore in keeping top quality players. Idiots you will bring us back 3 years..Time for change @@@@@@ LFC owners

  12. Think it's actually smart for him to leave now. The older he gets the less options he'll have.. Plus liverpool seem to be already planning for the future with the likes of Diaz

  13. Let him go to Bayern,, the abyss of the empty German league,, he obviously doesn't wanna play competitive football,, he wants an easy time,, totally agree with craig,, but he slurred his words,, might have had a drink 🍷 ya cheeky Chappie you Mr Burley 🤣

  14. People make the EPL look a Eutopia when city are slowly making it a farmers league I mean imagine Liverpool where not there this season and now sadio leaving will mean Liverpool will be weaker

  15. Mané knows that Liverpool will not give him a big contract that will make him feel the appreciation he deserves, so he has decided to bounce. The emphasis has been on too much on Salah who does not offer anything extra apart from goals. I think the time for players has come to and end and Liverpool should cash in now.

  16. I agree 100% Salah has gotten all the praise when Mane was always performing consistently. He beat Salah in the afcon and outshined him. Time to move on and at 30 the time is right for him.

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