Sadio Mané and Robert Lewandoswki BOTH want out … now what? 🤔 | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC crew compare and contrast Robert Lewandowski and Sadio Mané’s situations at Bayern Munich and Liverpool, …



  1. These guys don’t get it cause they never been in that position so what if it’s about money he’s won everything with Liverpool champions league, league titles, he’s even won the African nations cup like he’s career has been a pretty good one he has nothin left to prove let him get his money if he wants to. It would had been different if he didn’t win anything and lookin for money.

  2. I think it's a matter of underappreciation.
    We've brought in Jota and Diaz. Salah has barely had to budge. Mane has been moved, benched, and subbed to make space for the new arrivals.

  3. Did Lewandowski to do that he want to play for Liverpool he want to play for Barcelona not Liverpool getting into your head he's going to play for had dream Club

  4. For crying out loud Liverpool is paying 100k per week as his wage which is dirt cheap. He is 11th in his team as per wage structure. Every other top team with his contribution is paying 2.5 to 3 times more. If you ask me he should’ve left 2 seasons earlier.

  5. I don't think Lewa's age fits with Liverpool's future plan.. I think they'll try to get someone younger who can develop with Liverpool. On the side note, I would love to see Liverpool getting Son… Only if Tottenham failed to get that CL ticket for next season

  6. but Liverpool aren't the best team, in the three finals they played this season they scored zero, did not beat a single top 4 team in the league, in 6 years they have only one 1 EPL, 1 CL, 1 FA, 1 League Cup and 2 other trophies that you only get when you win the CL. How are they the best team?, they had the easiest run to CL final I have seen in recent years.

  7. does lewa fit into klopp's style of play? the man literally played under klopp at dortmund i think he knows how to play the way klopp wants

  8. Love Mane. Think he more gifted than Salah on the ball. He was above average until Liverpool nurtured his potential to greatness. I agree with Stevie ‘he is off his head’ and needs better advisors.

  9. if it is about money then what's wrong with that? that's why we all work for right? if you feel you're doing a great job for your company then you have every right to ask for a rise. If they cant give you what you want then you move on mutually, no bad feelings from either side. As a Liverpool fan, I wish Mane all the best.

  10. Salah and Mane are rivals for BEST AFRICAN PLAYER. It’s hard to find them enjoy team spirit at Liverpool without the silent rivalry which sometimes lead to selfish play at the expense of the club. Unfortunately, Mane achieves more internationally while Salah enjoys the fame in Liverpool. It’s in the best interest of club and players for one of them to leave.

  11. Mane just won the African Cup of Nations, qualified them for the World Cup, a protagonist with Liverpool at all levels but the club has always given preference to Salah.

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