Rüdiger's Reaction To FC Barcelona Interest, Kroos Refuses To Extend Real Madrid Contract

Antonio Rudiger was officially presented as a Real Madrid player on Monday. He revealed his reaction to Barcelona’s interest during his subsequent press conference. Meanwhile, new teammate Toni Kroos has refused to sign a contract extension with the club until he knows what level he’ll be able to perform at.

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  1. Rudiger is something like ramos
    Ofc nobody kan be better than ramos
    But he has similair look of the game
    He want to win above anything even if that means getting a card hope he helps real Madrid and that he will show some world class performances

  2. No matter what you say Mbappe won't transfer to Real until he win UCL with PSG….You know who his idol is😍😘

  3. I'm a Madridista but honestly, I wish Madrid was in another country. The people who go to the games and Spanish media are idiots! I don't know how you can boo your own players, how you can ask questions about Mbappe at another player's presentation.

  4. Rudiger mentality is just incomparable when he said to play for this club we need lots of competition and he I'm ready… Kross hope stay extend n retire…

  5. Kroos server us goof we should respect him, he won everything.
    Modric and kroose time is past alongside benzema.

    So next season we get a new striker and a replacement got 2 midfielders

  6. He said “real or nothing” they were the only ones willing to pay his wages only reason everyone else dropped out 😂 he knows if Madrid wasn’t interested he’d be heads over heels to sign for barca

  7. Hey my friend you make a very good video amazing video quality .. by the way give me your contract gmail .. I want to talk to you about something important

  8. Don't let vinicius step on your head just because he had one good season…. Sell him to psg and let him rot there like every other psg player.

  9. Even a 3 year old kid will prefer Real Madrid over Barcelona. I mean, who'd like to sign for a JOKE CLUB.
    Barcelona is the spanish combination of Man United and Arsenal in terms of shit..🤡

  10. You must use internet explorer vini staying 2027 Bren confirmed and learn how to speak “wif Real Madrid “ really ? Can’t even say with correct

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