Ronaldo & Messi SHINE! But who has it easier for scoring international goals? | ESPN FC

Cristiano Ronaldo scores twice for Portugal and Lionel Messi hits five for Argentina, which leads ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens (The Gab and Juls Show) to wonder which of the GOAT forwards has it easier when it comes to racking up goals for their country?

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  1. If Messi decided to play for Spain when they offered him , he would atleast havs 200 international goals and 2 euros 1 World Cup. By now .

  2. Peru literally made the qualifiers by placing 5th in SA, and they just got owned by Australia, have some shame

  3. 5 year old Messi fanboys will never change. Regardless of the fact they will try till their last breath to try Messi is the only and only reason everything good happens to his team and he is better at at everything than anyone else. It is straight up d riding, it always has been

  4. IF Ronaldo plays from Argentina he will have same amount of goals.
    The reason is he scores weak teams strong teams no mercy

  5. In their respective contexts, SA is easier in a way because you can lose multiple games and still make it, like Uruguay. Portugal almost missed it because of one defeat.

    But as far as the objective game level goes, it might be tougher in SA.

  6. Obviously ronaldo has had it easier. Imagine they play copa America qualifiers? But no they don't. But in Europe they do play euros qualifiers. All these help ronaldo to score more than Messi on international stage.

  7. So sad Ronaldo missed big matches in the premier league this season, and even got humiliated by other clubs, worst case the world even see Ronaldo smiling during a defeat, Ronaldo won everything we knew today with better players at the right time, examine Real Madrid and Juventus then get back to me.

    Just imagine if Messi played for Manchester City, Milan or Bayern Munich with better player chemistry and relation.

  8. there is a reason ronaldo played 11 games against the copa's and won none(lost 6 drawn 5 scored 1 and assisted 1) of them. Portugal was even eliminated from the last wc by a copa team when they were still the euro champion

  9. Messi 7-ballon d'or 5- Ronaldo
    Messi 6-golden boot 4- ronaldo.
    Biggest individual achievement to proof who was better for how many years.
    I hope only fools will still agree ronaldo is greater then Messi 😂

  10. This whole debate is so stupid. Ronaldo has a better goal to game ratio against the top 10,20,30,40 and 50 ranked teams than Messi. Averages less minutes per goal contribution too. This whole debate is trying to find a way to take Ronaldo’s successes over Messi away from him.

  11. COMMEBOL is just not better than European teams. It doesnt matter how physical the games are. The Africa Cup is more physical than any other tournament on national team level and still European teams are better. Physical doesnt mean anything. Also almost every European countries in the top 20 European country. has two or more big players in their squad. Cant say that about a team like Paraguay, Panama or Honduras. There are more European countries who are in the top 20 best national teams in football. You tell me COMMEBOL is better? 🤣 This media is so bias it is actually so stupid to see.

  12. Reason why Messi performs better for Argentina lately is better coaching and a system. Argnetina's system utlizes Messi in his best position, a free role false 9/ number 10 which Poch completley messed up. If PSG get Zidane or another competent coach, they will learn to utilize him

  13. Well that's fine, Messi has a huge record of goals in Friendly settings, those can be against anyone, European, African, SA. If anything his avg record against the 12-16 teams he has played for 15 years is on par to Ronaldo's, assuming he has a wider range of teams he can face in Europe and 14 of those in the wider range make the top 20 in the rankings.

  14. Ronaldo is a striker, his job is to score. Ronaldo is a winger, his job is to assist but he scores if he needs to. In Barca, he scores crazy when there’s no striker. Like his 91 goals a season and when Suarez left, also the team was set around him same in Argentina but, in psg, the team is set around Mbappe and he is the key striker. That’s why he doesn’t bag goals like that

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