Rome has a new emperor…Jose Mourinho 👏

Rome has a new emperor…Jose Mourinho 👏
(Via AS Roma/Twitter)
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  1. If Spinazzola didn't miss 99% of the season they would have made the Champions League but to win it or the scudetto they need a bit more depth especially after losing Mkhitaryan-&Mourinho is right about the refs because AC Milan got several nonexistent penalty calls including against Roma-some suspect that since the pandemic made sales plummet in Milan the league made the Milanese teams win to boost sales & it has smh but Mourinho's Inter used to get the same favoritism it must be said

  2. This is getting out of hand for conference league celebration , ro'ma didn't qualify for ucl again and conference league win will only get them to europa, nothing to celebrate about it more than usual. This is like arsenal in all those years celebrating fa cup while finishing outside of top 4, that doesn't help the club to progress, finishing top 4 should always be the priority if you want to improve your club.

  3. its juz europa league cup not champion league cup, nothing special about it, europa league cup for me juz like consolation prize.. this europa league cup should not exist, if u ask me..

  4. Mourinho deserves this.
    Hate him or like him, you have too respect him.
    Plays a boring counter attack style football, but it works, gets results and throphies.

  5. conference is just a recycled intertoto club back in the day, nobody celebrated that cup, only seen as a path to uefa cup. now we got clowns celebrating an entrance to europa league.

  6. I can predict that next season the dressing room turns on him again and we have the same thing that happened at the other clubs but the fans will "still have respect for him"

  7. Klopp couldn't create a strategy in UCL final and Ancelotti played the way they wanted…. Klopps super defender Trent missed his second post runner like a Sunday league player and lost it….
    To win Cup… Mourinho is special….

  8. Anyone who hasn't seen it should check out Jose's last Instagram post. He went on a rant against " The Einstein of football" and fired back at his critics while also praising every single roma player and hinting that he might leave. It almost seems like a Goodbye note

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