Richard Arnold CONFIRMS De Jong, Slams Woodward & Glazers

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  1. To me timber doesn't have faith in himself the fact that your worried about not playing for a former manager that brought you through and made you the player you are today says a lot.

  2. So terry is saying frankie de jong is waiting to see who else utd are going to buy around him like who is this frankie guy think he is his not even top 10 best midfielders in the world joke club joke man terry 😂

  3. Terry excellent analysis and break down of the situation. I was after Spurs to invest due it being 21 years and a consistent line of ex managers have said the same thing that Levy and Enic held them back as they are not given the precise player that they needed to play there system often buying either a younger version or a cheaper version or a combination of the two opposed to what the manager has wanted a long period of time.
    Manchester United always bring in the best players last season you bought in Sancho an experienced player who has played at a high level for a good German team and who has champions league experience and look who Spurs brought in Gil an unproven player who is very inexperienced look at the levels between them yet our ambitions were to compete with you for 4th.
    Man Utd are going into a new chapter with Ten Haag but you must back him and give him time. The way they seem to be buying into his philosophy is the first time since Ferguson buying the specific player for his team. Frenkie De Jong is a Statement Of Intent and other players will join Utd just because he is a world class talent and they will have the opportunity to play alongside him.
    Keep Up the Good Work Terry

  4. Richard Arnold only went to the fans after a tip off that they would be demonstrating at his home …. he just told the people what they wanted to hear just to appease them and pour water on what could have turned volatile. TACTICS.

  5. So this just sooooo happen to be recorded when the United’s fans are fed up about transfers or lack of !🧐……. PR BULLSHIT — united fans fall for every fucking crumb drops off the table

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