Real Madrid OVERACHIEVED? 2022-23 LaLiga season outlook 🍿 | LaLiga Centro | ESPN FC

Alexis Nunes and Rodrigo Faez are back for the second edition of ESPN FC’s LaLiga Centro, this time joined by Gemma Soler, to recap the 2021-22 LaLiga season, look ahead to the 2022-23 campaign, reflect on Real Madrid winning ANOTHER Champions League title and of course, answer some “preguntas dificiles” in the process.
0:00 Introductions
0:30 Recapping Real Madrid’s Champions League triumph over Liverpool.
What next for Atletico Madrid?3:44 Gemma’s thoughts on the UCL final.
7:00 Thoughts on Real Madrid’s season overall.
9:00 Thibaut Courtois’ stellar performance.
15:00 Atletico Madrid with a point to prove next season?
20:40 Sevilla’s hopes next year.
27:00 Barcelona outlook.
29:00 Difficult questions from social media!
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  1. How were Madrid the better team in the Final with one shot on target all match? The Spanish girl must still be drunk from the celebrations.

  2. Finally, admitting yes real Madrid is THE best club in the history.
    All the English pundit will always say one of the Best instead, because they think premiere league should have the best club. But it's just the fact, that historically no priemere league club comes even close, yes ai repeat NOT EVEN CLOSE.

  3. Liverpool ‘deserving’ the UCL title over Real Madrid is the dumbest football opinion of the season.

    Liverpool knocked out Inter, Benfica, and Villarreal on their way to the final.

    Madrid had to go through French champions PSG with the snake, Messi and Neymar; defending UCL champions Chelsea, English champions City and finally a formidable Liverpool side who were among the top three favourites to win this season.

    I get it. We had no right to win this. But we did because thats what we do. We win when we aren’t supposed to. Accept it and move on.

    – Blanco

  4. Teams like Real Madrid don’t over achieve cos it is their culture , teams like Arsenal are under achiever cos it is not their culture .

  5. Im a barca fan…but i just loved the mentality they have shown this season…barca beat them4-0…but they came back even stronger…. that's the mentality i love… I don't like the word momentum in football… madrid never had momentum this season …but they fought back each time they fell….
    That's an example for everybody..

    I just don't care how they performed in the UCL final….klop didn't like it…but nobody gonna care…..finals are there to win

  6. Real Madrid is an amazing club. Right now, unfortunately the rest of La Liga clubs do not match up to their quality which showed in the UCL.

  7. Champions win how they can! They expect Real Madrid to be undefeated and be playing the flashiest of football. Football is a simple game and Real Madrid understand it perfectly.

  8. Bundesliga is a gegenpressing, zonal marking & High defensive line league where everyone tries to outscore their opponents. No defense. Just goals & vibes. La Liga is a very different league with low block football & man-to-man marking football so Lewy can theoretically struggle in Barca's 4-3-3 set-up. 4-3-3 can't work really well with out & out No. 9 u need false 9 to make 4-3-3 work so yeah I do think Lewy can struggle in La Liga

  9. The thing with Mbappe is that the assumption always was that he was a victim of the toxicity at PSG.

    Now, it's hard to assume he's closer to being a true centerpiece player like Benzema than a talented cancer like Neymar.

  10. Winning UCL is the Real Madrid standard. So they did not overachieve. They just achieved what their seasonal footballing goal is. That's Real Madrid. It's just that people saw other teams getting better and so wrote us off. So, they learnt it the hard way what a winning mentality is.

  11. Of course it's a massive accomplishment. Real Madrid players and fans sucked off a lot of genies. That must have taken a lot of effort. Very well deserved 👏

  12. Real Madrid has taught me no matter how great u become always be guys waiting on y to fail🤣 they have 10 plus ucl we should be saying when they gonna win next

  13. Although this is not the strongest Madrid team ever, every year they go in with the goal of winning all trophies possible. They did not overachieve.

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