Real Madrid Fans Violently Insult Mbappé During The Festivities, Benzema Discusses Mbappé's Decision

Real Madrid fans cursed Kylian Mbappé as Marcelo tried to make his farewell speech. Karim Benzema expressed himself on the choice of Kylian Mbappé who preferred to prolong with Paris Saint-Germain rather than sign for Real Madrid. Toni Kroos, for his part, got angry at German journalists.

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Why Was Benzema’s Goal Refused, The Real Reasons For Postponing The Champions League Final:


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  1. Now Madrid fans feel what we fell with Luis Figo 😂😂😂😂….Plus Look mbappe made a decision so just accept it rather than crying on it okay he did wanted to join we get that but the offer he got like someone at the age of 23 and an offer like that anyone would accept it even many of the real fans will

  2. Madrid fans are not pity him rejecting Madrid is not the issue but the antics he done is what pissed the fans off. Using Madrid to increase more money from PSG knowing full well he was never going and taking his own sweet time doing it is something that can't be forgiven and deserves this reaction.

  3. It's Real fans what do you expect 😂😂😂😂 that's why ronaldo left them piece of shit 🤡 glad mbappe chose PSG over this shit club lol it's their last ucl anyway XD

  4. Madridstas should forget Mbappe. He didn't come and he should leave it at that. I also would have loved for him to come to Madrid but he didn't

  5. I think when Mbappe contract expires in 2025 if he decides to join Real Madrid, What would be fans reaction 🤔

  6. What are they so mad about? At no point Mbappe had SIGNED a contract with Real Madrid, it is literaly just a player who decided that he didn't want to play for them.

  7. The fans insulted Mbappe in response to PSG fans insulting R.M (Pvta Madrid) in their La Liga celebration, while Mbappe smiled complacently. Unlike Mbappe, the RM players did not look comfortable and that says a lot about the lordship of one and the others

  8. We don't need mbappe . Vini is growing and glowing. There are players like vini , valverde , Rodrygo, camavinga which is much better than mbappe we don't give much value to them . Those young Stars have been outstanding this season. They are one main reason for victory of this golden season . We should appreciate them and end this mbappe matter .

  9. He really is a son of a bitch. It’s a dangerous precedent that the youngsters are motivated only by the money and it’s dangerous for the sport.

  10. psg fans talked shit on mbappes renewal and madrid fans talked shit at the champions league title celebration even the fans are levels above LUL

  11. Swear football fans are petty AF. Not just RM fans as shown in this occasion but nearly all football fans are petty AF.

    So you are going to insult a boy, who mind you, does not make his career decisions. Grow up. It was not long ago when RM owners wanted the super league. If you want to be angry at anyone, be angry at the owners of your greedy football clubs.

    People who say "he toyed with fans emotions", yeah you treated Casillas, Cristiano and many others very well. Hell, whats up with Gareth Bale? Yes, great fans.

    RM is historicly the greatest club. You want to tell me a bussiness of that size banked on 1 option ;)? Bussinesses (because thats what RM is in the first place) don't push all their luck on 1 item. They have backups.

  12. so painfull, that most people will just keep thinking of Mbappe even if you dont want to. just like divorce he will stick on your minds….. he made his decission amd you all are angry?!…
    you all go get a boot and play

  13. Out rage and senseless behaviour still a waste of time. Everyone should remember that everyone has a choice. It's not the end of the world. Football is a beautiful game this should always be noted 😐the past is beyond everyone's power but the future can be positively be planned for and fun times will be had🤷🏽‍♂️

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