'Raheem Sterling is a WINNER!' – Steve Nicol endorses Sterling to Chelsea | ESPN FC

‘Raheem Sterling is a WINNER!’ – Steve Nicol endorses Sterling to Chelsea | ESPN FC
The ESPN FC crew deep dive into what Raheem Sterling at Chelsea would look like as reports find Chelsea is targeting the veteran forward.

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  1. Sterling has a poor conversion rate and questionable final ball / decision making.
    I think he has been largely shielded from criticism coz City keep winning.
    If he was in a team where his contribution was needed he wouldn't do so well and would wilt under the pressure…

  2. No Nedum it's not a shame it's a relief of City fans. Sterling cannot shoot, cross and dribble (only runs into traffic). Guardiola improved him massively and he retreated back to what he knows bests which is can't shoot, cross and dribble.

  3. If we don't get a striker Havertz and Werner will fill the number 9 role. That leaves Mount and Sterling for LW and Pulisic and Ziyech for RW. CHO is still injured.

  4. I hope he doesnt leave, we don't have anyone else with that pace to run by people, foden sometimes but its easy for raheem

  5. Sterling is a good player and he’s better than every attacker at Chelsea right now how is it not a good signing? They need a striker yes but there isn’t one they like on the market

  6. Craig is absalutely correct, sterling or any other attack should not be a top target, we need cbs first and foremost

  7. Sterling is a system player at Man City, he scored a lot of goals since Pep got their because he mainly scoring tap in’s from 5 yards but Chelsea can buy him and find out if he can carry a team

  8. lol sterling is a bust. he sure had all the talent and could have been special but seems everytime i see him he is missing a wide open net somehow

  9. – Ziyech out
    – CHO out
    – Keep Mount as midfield backup
    – Play on the break if Werner starts
    – Pray Sterling adds something if he joins

  10. Imagine sterling and Werner at the top for Chelsea 😂😂 how many missed clean chances will be there!! Chelsea need a prober number 9 striker and buy some defenders if they want top 4!!

  11. All I will say is common sense tells you that if you want to improve your attack, you buy better players than the ones you have. This pundit really can't look in the mirror and accept the fact he is wrong. And secondly, just because Chelsea are buying Sterling, it does not mean they will not be buying other players needed for other positions. His arguments make no sense whatsoever and he just keeps digging himself into a deeper and deeper whole. Let's not forget. Pep gave the go ahead to the club for Sterling's contract to be extended meaning he would like Sterling to stay, but Sterling wants to go for more game time and a new adventure. Since Sterling as a young man was part of one of the most feared strike forces in Europe with Liverpool alongside Suarez and Sturridge, he has experienced nothing, but success competing at the highest level, breaking records, producing great goal and assists stats and winning trophies. It's beginning to feel like envy because Sterling has achieved do much and his job is not half done. In the next five years he will win more trophies, break more records and produce even more amazing goal and assists stats. He won the title with Man City and was made England's highest paid footballer before he ever talked to or met Pep, so he is not reliant in City to produce good performances. His goal brace at the was possible without Pep's style of play or Pep's presence. In the next couple of years Sterling will break another record and become England's highest goal scorer in the the Champions League. Nobody in the England or Chelsea team comes close to what he has achieved and the heights he has achieved as England's most successful and experienced player at the age of 27. May the record breaking continue, because he has only just crossed the half way mark and he is not done proving his mind boggling doubters wrong whose doubts make no logical sense. Peace and love

  12. Assuming Lukaku does leave and Chelsea don't bring in a striker, I would expect a front line of Havertz up top with Sterling and Mount on either side of him…. with that you can bring on Pulisic and Werner as subs, so the only forwards you would need to look at moving on from would be Ziyech and CHO

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