PRIME Fernando Torres or David Villa?!

PRIME Fernando Torres or David Villa?!
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  1. Torres for Liverpool was the best but over their careers it has to be villa , the year after Liverpool finished second Rafa wanted to buy villa along with silva but gillet and hicks didn't back him , imagine gerrard alonso and mascharano in midfield with silva Torres and silva up front

  2. Villa any day. In terms of attributes only villa could use both feets effectively, could play practically every position at the front, was clutch for Spain at the WORLD CUP, clutch for Barcelona the season after, probably Barcelona’s best 9 since Eto’o, highest goal scorer in La liga with Valencia, scored many unbelievable goals second only to Suarez. Torres at his best was good but not as good as prime Villa

  3. Lol people legit disrespect villa. Without this man spain not winning world cup. They will play like they does now have a lot possessions can't score.

  4. Torres. I say this as a Barcelona supporter. Torres was the best striker in England for a year and a half, one of the best in the world. David Villa was in the vicinity of that, but not quite there for me.

  5. Torres was monster at Liverpool a lone but villa was successful at all clubs . And villa has some qualities which Torres didn’t have ,like free kicks

  6. El nino. Absolute monster in his peak won spain the euros in 08. it's a shame he didn't keep it up but ridiculous player him and peak gerrard in 08/09 absolutely un playable.

  7. It has to be David Villa. Torres had more hype around him based on who he played for Liverpool and Atletico but Villa was great from Zaragoza, Valencia, Barcelona and then Atletico plus Spain's top scorer. Has to be David Villa

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