"Poch's PSG exit is no surprise, the football has been APPALLING!" | Who will replace him at PSG?

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French football expert Tom Williams discusses the reasons behind Mauricio Pochettino leaving PSG, and speculates on who could replace him.

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  1. This so called expert hasn't got a bloody clue!
    "Look at the talent…. never been seen before…. Mbappe, Neymar, Messi. er and the rest of 'em".
    What a complete Muppet 😅🤡

  2. This "project" has so far taken 12 years. The only success has been winning the farmers League a few times 😂😅🤣.
    Now they've got a self important, ego driven player calling the shots. What could go wrong?

  3. Look every one knows that the premiership is the toughest and best league in the world. The french league is week and the star players can cruise and switch off the problems arise when they have to raise their game in Europe and can’t be bothered.

  4. Do they even need a manager, because do they ever even listen to the manager, because the players are bigger than the manager and club, what a joke, Mbappe has more power than any manager would ever command its insane but then again that's PSG for you!!!!!

  5. Lmao why is this a surprise we all knew he was finished just before spurs got conte. The fact he been living in a hotel all this time is baffling and shows he was never serious.

  6. They need a manager who talented but who is also bigger than the players. So pretty much Pep, Klopp or Zidane are their only options. So realistically Zidane of bust.

  7. PSG are slightly more of a joke than the rest of the ridiculous football team. Poch gets to make a team from a midfield and defense… Then have an attack that only cares when they've got the ball.

  8. Well don't forget now he also coached Tottenham Hotspur in the premier League which is the best league in the world and the fastest league in the world! So it isn't that he needs players that can give him high intensity and speed and cooperation because he had all that in the premier League and he still couldn't make it personally I believe if he wants to make it as a good manager he needs to start all over at the very beginning and managing training camps and the academy's for aspiring players and maybe should start learning how to manage properly to get what he wants out of the big league clubs but he doesn't have the ability to do anything really successfully lately! If you want evidence look at how many clubs he has managed in different leagues and then compare the playing style and the players and all that of any team that he managed. Once you've done all that I am pretty sure you'll realize it isn't the players that are having the issue it's the manager

  9. Finally. His exit was long over due. I don't think he's a bad manager per se, but he could not manage a ' super team ' . They need a specific type of manager to keep big egos and divas in check. Poch was just not that type of guy. Hopefully the next manager will whip this ' promising ' into shape. PSG really needs to fix up overall

  10. I'm sorry Poch has not been poor. The team is shocking.. Too many EGOS. In all fairness he had a better team at Spurs.

  11. Some ageing players, losing their influential captain, another year in a league they have one almost non-stop and signing a player who preferred to be at his home club (Messi). Yet the football didnt work because of Poch. Cant blame the players with their big salaries. No its the manager ofc….again! Joke.

  12. What has my Goat gotten himself into psg is a micky mouse club runned by players. I really hope he will have great season and leaves that toxic club

  13. IMO Juventus or Dortmund should snap him up, Dortmund Is self explanatory. But with Juve I think they need a long term project manager who will actually re-build the team & develop the youth playing high intensity football.

  14. Pochettino is laughing he’s going to get a massive payday, get offers from loads of other big clubs I like every other manager that you’ve PSG he’ll win multiple trophies🤩🤩.

  15. Gotta love how the media paints Poch to be a failure of a manager but don’t mention How Ancelotti, Emery & Tuchel couldn’t do anything with PSG…. Poch needs the WHOLE team to believe in his ethos of HIGH-INTENSITY PRESSING unfortunately for him he’s got Neymar, Mbappe, Messi, Veratti & Icardi who don’t work for the team. Mauricio Pochettino’s left ear > PSG.

  16. Well Zidane has to be the front runner as the psg lads have a hard on for him… also psg is a club full of bonkers ass me first team second type lads…

  17. Klopp, Tuchel and Pep are all safe in their positions. Ten Hag will get time. Conte's turning things around at Spurs so he's not going anywhere (providing he gets investment this summer). So in summary….

    He'll be at Arsenal by Xmas

  18. It was never a good fit, Poch does best with young impressionable players, not ageing movie star players… Ancelotti is the obvious fit for PSG he has a track record of succeeding with this type of player, & he looks on the brink of retirement… Zidane looks the most likely choice for me…

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