1. Zidane was ideal for PSG. Heck Ancelotti is ideal for PSG. But if they can't bring Zidane, there will be more chances to not win the Champions League for PSG in the next two years because there are teams like City or Bayern who have become better.

  2. PSG’s decision is reasonable. They have set a high standard for themselves. Winning just the league isnot a successful season for them. With the spending and players, coupled with sub par opponents they’ve got in the league, winning league is non-negotiable. They need a manager that can win them league and champions league. Even for the best of coaches this is super difficult, but the coaches know what is expected of them.

  3. PSG has done what real madrid did back in the day bought galatico's and expected it to work and it doesn't Madrid proved this having to many selfish players doesn't make a team

  4. How can no manager be a success at PSG??!! This is the most biased panel I have ever seen. Every individual in this panel has some biasness towards one team or other

  5. They will never be successful outside France unless they get rid of those farmers' league defenders. Ramos can't do everything and is getting older. Their defense is a joke.

  6. Maybe it’s not the managers or the players but the money from a Qatar’s state that is the problem. As long as they continue wasting money, it’s all good.

  7. The PSG genius broth Poch to the Club was the first mistake and you don't have to be a Doctor in Soccer, He play with a whole bunch of kids in Southampton and he did the same with the Spurs, Poch never handle super egos like in the PSG.

  8. Summer 23 Pochettino takes over his former club Spurs after Conte leaves for Paris, or, perhaps takes over from Arteta if he fails to make top 4 again.

  9. Zidane would have played with Ronaldo (R9), coached Ronaldo (CR7), coached Messi…but managing PSG is a nightmare cause u go in there wanting to win the league cause every manager wants to win a league problem PSG don't even care about the league if it's not the UCL then you have won nothing.

  10. I would actually wear the sacking from PSG as a patch of honor. That team is like the liquid you find at the end of the garbage can. They are a mess.

  11. Zidane + Neymar + Messi + Ramos…
    It's like a hybrid El Clasico team plus Mbappe 🤯
    If they're still 0 UCL, then I know Universe have crucial roles in their failures…

  12. No one will ever build a dominating team as long as Al Keylafi runs the team. They bend to big stars (Neymar, Messi, Mbappe) and think that money will fix everything else. No manager can fix that

  13. Ancelotti did a good job with PSG but Madrid called him and he took the job
    Blanc done a fantastic job with 9 trophies in 3 years but felt short in UCL
    Emery, remontada
    Tuchel, great coaching but the front office did him bad

    Too much divas and bad front office destroy this club.

  14. With that amount of money being continuously spent, you would want to win the UCL as theFrench league is in the bag before it starts.

  15. Which PSG team ever was the best team that didn’t win UCL. people talk about Pep and his City for last 6 years every year favorite. Even after being the best team with the best coach he has similar record as PSG. PSG never had a team even the team today ain’t good from end to end. They need a team like Liverpool or City or an attitude like Madrid with coach like pep kloop or Ancelotti

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