Players and managers SOUND OFF over Nations Leagues fixtures 🚨😅 | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC crew react to Kevin De Bruyne’s, Virgil Van Dijk, and several football managers’ dismissive comments towards the Nations League fixtures this year.

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  1. A month every year should be fine. Unless these players want to live a normal life like the rest of us. They get paid millions, mansions, cars and can travel anywhere in the world. They have the best of the best re physio, sports science, nutrition etc. So a month is good enough and that's me being nice

  2. Maybe have a B or C team participate in the Nations League. That would allow players to grow. The U-23 is a good idea but not something I would support.

  3. If players really care about this issue then they need to state collectively and openly that they are willing to take significant paycuts to accommodate the number of games they play being reduced.

  4. I don't think this is a problem, coaches need to play their team B with 1 or 2 main players joining in as maybe needed. It is actually better to promote new players (this of course excludes players who have sponsorship contracts -the big names who are on a must play contract) other than that Judging by what KDB have said : just rotate players, same goes for the clubs, it is exposure for more players

  5. I think the players are overworked. I think there’s too many games. I think people also took the National friendlies for granted because they too became over saturated. I think they need to keep friends to a minimum until before international tournaments when National teams are trying to gel and coaches want to try new things but without killing the players. I think Nation’s League was a dumb tournament when we already have the euro. We already have the World Cup and anything In between. We didn’t need more tournaments and more fixtures, we just needed for the tournaments that were already available to mean a thing. Instead we’ll get lots of subpar quality matches and short careers from our favorite players. If I was a National team player I’d be thinking about retiring from international football to get some much needed rest, vacation and come back the next season fresh. Or elect to only be involved in tournaments I actually care about. If coaches take a stand they could be punished or the teams as well and sadly I don’t see the fans having the players back because we too are selfish people that only want more without thinking about the consequences. We’re easily sold on the idea of more games because we’re lazy people who can’t seem to go a day without football and we want everything given to us now.

  6. Then dont play. There are younger players that should have a chance to play. Especially when the world cup is coming up I think if the stars do not want to play they shouldn't. It also allows countries to develop players as well as smaller countries to have more opportunities.

  7. Liverpool players have played the most matches and still have to serve on national duty without any significant rest… then Next season begins… cruel

  8. what needs to be done is cut down on club games and competitions that make no sense whatsoever. The national teams need to be able to play as they do far too little anyway, and most players prefer their NT matches. But the clubs are too rich to mess w/.

  9. So they have replaced meaningless friendlies with meaningless tournaments, players should just pull out, refuse to play and see what happens then

  10. This is what happens when you don’t have players unions. Football needs drastic reform. Domestic leagues will have to shrink to accommodate these games. Meanwhile, NFL players get 4-5 months of rest and their teams are the most valuable in the world with 17 games during the season.

  11. ONLY THREE WEEKS of vacation? For men who are paid obscene amounts of money to play a game? Go cry in Europe. You'll get no sympathy in the U.S.

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