Piqué 'Likes' Tweet About Shakira, Mo Salah Discusses His 'Rivalry' With Sadio Mané

Despite announcing their break-up, Gerard Pique has liked a tweet referencing his ex Shakira. Is he embarking on a quest to get her back? In other news, Mohamed Salah has been discussing his relationship with Sadio Mane. Staying with Liverpool, they’ve agreed a $105M deal for Darwin Nunez.

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  2. It’s kind of sad that a sports channel smocks covering something that has nothing to do with the sport they cover.
    Lol of course salah and mane sit together in the locker room, aren’t lockers in numerical order? 😂😂

  3. LFC top scorer for 5 season, 3 Golden boot and Playmaker, MO SALAH pretty decent for 1 season wonder if you ask.

  4. Salah has been getting a lot of unnecessary hate from people and the media recently, he is confident and believes in him self, but people hate that. They want everyone to fake humble and be nice. Salah speaks out because he feels disrespected, much like Ronaldo in his whole career

  5. I won't lie this season son has been better than Salah and mane. Maybe Salah was better at the start of the season but not at the end

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