Paul Pogba has been a waste of time and money at Manchester United – Craig Burley | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC crew react to Paul Pogba announcing his new documentary Pogmentery and discuss his time at Manchester United.

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  1. Good when he's a complimentary piece (with France and Juve), but rubbish when he's asked to be the central figure. Waste of time and money for United.

  2. Lol! ManU was a waste of time for Pogba. He's a world cup winner and got to the final of the UEFA CL few years ago with Juve 🤣 The headline is so backwards its hilarious

  3. Well done Craig for actually telling it how it is about Pogba, to many times I have been watching these pundits in the media try to defend Pogba and not hold him accountable

  4. All hype zero substance. And to make things worse he doesn't even put in a shift and walks around the pitch when things are not going his way!!

  5. Manchester United Sucks… Has No good strickers, has poor and old defenders….and expecting Paul Pogba to carry all that. come one.
    Paul rules the midfield and requires good strickes to the ball from him and score.
    Time to time midfielders can score,however we dont rely on them.
    Man U must sign good strikers and good defenders…take the Harry maguire out and those those unaffective defenders…I am a football fan, i loving watching football matches, however the current Man U squid is nothing but trash…hard to believe how things have changed lately… I hope manchester united improves.

  6. Professional football league never a cycle. It's all about money. Which club will do better and why ? –
    1. Now Most of the English clubs doing good because of their investment by the club owner.
    2. Low investment club / budget issue clubs are unable to hold their good players because English clubs are buying their player with their money and professional players are smart too . How long a professional player get their career, may be 12 years. So who ever pay them well they will go there.
    3. Recent football rules regulation helping all English club. Because now a day's u cannot tuch a player . So players who are fast runner doing good and English club like fast run play so it is helping them a lot.
    So , Craig u r wrong …all about money.

  7. Pogba was toxic in Man UTD. He wasn't given the money he wanted because Man UTD wants to do things differently especially on the expenditure side…

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